A Virtual Training Platform for Real Emergencies

Pump Ops is a simulation training device that provides a hands-on, immersive experience in the operation of an apparatus pump. This simulator exposes the trainee to various evolving situations that they can interact with in a safe classroom environment. Pump Ops provides training that cannot be duplicated safely using real apparatus. This saves wear and possible damage to firefighting apparatus.


•Realistic pump panel hardware
•Realistic hydraulics simulation models
•Simulates a variety of hand line nozzles, master stream nozzles and hoses
•Can be integrated with FAAC driving simulators or operate stand-alone
•Learn new skills in a safe environment
•Specialised training courses offered in cooperation with partners
•Realistic 3D training environments, company specific or generic
•Complete control and flexibility for the instructor before & during scenarios
•Logging of all actions and decisions for debriefing
•Touch-Screen instructor interface
•Water sources depicted by virtual computer generated imagery (dump tanks/hydrants)
•Sound system provides realistic engine, pump, primer and cavitation sounds
•Headset communication system provides for instruction and pre-recorded messages
•Evolutions based on IFSTA Pumping Apparatus Driver/Operator Skill Sheets
•Printed scoring sheet provided after each training exercise
•Operates in a classroom environment. Fits though standard doors
•Allows fire-fighting assets to remain in service and not used for training purposes

  • To discuss any of FAAC’s simulation products please contact Public Safety Manager Bill Martin at 734-761-5836 or wbmartin@faac.com.