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FAAC is dedicated to providing the highest fidelity in training products on the market. Our core focus is simulation technology that provides a life-like virtual training environment. Understanding your training objectives and budget, FAAC works with you to develop your optimum training solution. FAAC’s pedigree in professional driver training simulation is unparalleled. FAAC maintains a comprehensive in-house team to support the Public Safety market. We focus on a Customer-for-Life philosophy to understand, develop, deliver, and support your specific training program.


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FAAC Public Safety Simulators

Realistic environments provide real experience. Real industrial disasters, active shooter events, and municipal crises are rarely limited to one fire-fighting team, a single first-responder vehicle, or even a single agency or department.  Real emergencies are truly complex phenomena, with many moving parts.

FAAC offers multiple fully integrated, immersive public safety simulation solutions composed of a network of individual simulation components (such as our 2View simulator—the only fire and emergency vehicle driver training simulator that gives proper parallax views to both driver and passenger, in accordance with NFPA 1500: A6.2.4—MILO Response theater, and others). FAAC solutions thread multiple learning events together through one constant scenario, optimized for adult learning. In order to assure superior skills retention, we focus on crafting an emotionally vivid hands-on experience that offers novel challenges while demanding participants immediately use target skills and apply appropriate policies.


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FAAC Truck Driving Simulators

FAAC’s immersive truck driver training simulators create vivid and compelling virtual environments and have been demonstrated to improve safety and efficiency.

The FAAC TT-1000 Truck Driver Training Simulator is designed to give both new and veteran operators a meaningful training experience. Multiple high-definition displays give an expansive, geometrically correct +300º field-of-view with adjustable inset mirrors. The cab can be generic, approximating many vehicles makes and models, or built to precisely match your fleets’ controls, indicators, gauges, and switches.

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FAAC Military Simulators

The Military Operations Division of FAAC today represents the original core of our company, founded in 1971 to provide high-speed accurate weapon simulations for the original training range USN/USAF Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation (ACMI) systems developed to better prepare pilots for combat operations. Our weapon simulation technology established and remains the standard for real-time weapons assessment. This capability was eventually brought from the training world to the tactical world through the incorporation of the Zone Acquisition Program (ZAP) into the fighter’s Operational Flight Program. ZAP was a revolutionary leap in capability to the US warfighter, replacing low-fidelity coefficient driven algorithms, with accurate high-speed simulations.

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FAAC Commercial Simulators

FAAC Military Simulators

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90% Learning Retention with Simulation Training

Did you know that simulation training can help students achieve 90% learning retention? Help your training program by getting on the right track with simulation training.

Go Beyond The Simulator And Learn How To Train. FAAC’s Instructor Development courses go beyond the simulator, and teach instructors how to use the simulator as a training tool.

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