OTOA 2019

Join us at Ohio Tactical Officers Association (OTOA) 2019, June 3-7, 2019.

Demo the MILO Range Theater and the Mobile-Situational Awareness Training System (M-SATS)


MILO Range has set the international standard for interactive use of force, tactical judgment training, and firearms training systems. We are the world leading simulation provider for government, military, law enforcement, and police agencies worldwide.

Our customizable simulations deliver safe and realistic training options that allow you to effectively train your team. We are continuously working to improve the capabilities of our systems, so you can be sure you are investing in a state-of-the-art solution that will perfectly fit your needs for years to come.


MILO Range Videos

MILO Range Theater Training Simulator

DEMO: MILO Range Theater

The MILO Range Theater system provides you with a fully immersive training environment. With the enhanced field of view that Theater offers, you can increase trainee realism and offer true to life training scenarios. The MILO Range Theater is interactive from all directions, allowing trainee responses to multiple threats and applications of proper tactics simultaneously. The system is operated by a single instructor using either a touchscreen monitor or wireless tablet; significantly reducing the instructor resources needed.

180 and 300-degree configurations


The MILO Range M-SATS (Mobile-Situational Awareness Training System) offers the most advanced feature set available for portable use of force and tactical judgment training system. Based on the same software and technology as the full-featured MILO Range PRO system, the M-SATS provides fully interactive video scenarios, graphics-based firearms drills, and industry-leading features in a compact, all-inclusive design that is easy to transport and set up in less than 10 minutes.



Regardless of size or complexity, every MILO Range system includes both skill-focused modes (with a variety of “firing range” and CGI live-action exercises) and customizable interactive HD video role-play scenarios. All systems support multiple trainees with multiple weapons. Skill-focused modes include real-time shot feedback and analysis, both static and moving targets, and over 60 exercises. HD video scenarios offer full emotional immersion with branching decisions and tools for after-action decision analysis and replay. Any system can be upgraded with firearm recoil kits, live-fire/laser options, shootback systems, and more. As a result, the tactical training that the officer receives in a MILO Range simulator will translate to real-life situations that require the use of force.

MILO Range Classic Training

MILO Range Basic Refresher Course

Join us on Wednesday, June 5 for a FREE MILO Range Training Systems Basic Refresher Course.

A 1-day refresher course covers the basic setup and operation of any MILO Range product.