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Milo Range Advanced

The MILO Range Advanced System offers the most complete feature set available for in a portable simulator for use of force, crisis management, de-escalation, and tactical judgment training. Based on the same software and technology as the full-featured MILO Range PRO and Theater systems, the Milo Range Advanced provides hundreds of complex dynamic video training scenarios, graphics-based firearms skill-builder drills, and industry-leading features built into a compact, all-inclusive design that is easy to transport and set up in less than 20 minutes, in any size training room. With MILO Range Advanced, you don’t have to bring the students to the training anymore—now you can bring the training to them.


The Advanced system includes a powerful windows®-based laptop computer suite, hit detection and flash-light box, 2 firearm lasers or laser training pistols, laser OC canister, flashlight, True HD projector with portable HD screen, trainee action camera for trainee debriefing, all cables and the MILO Range Advanced software pre-installed and ready-to-go right out of the box. Additional lethal and less than lethal training devices are available to build the system that’s most effective for your agency.

The MILO Advanced System

• MILO Range Advanced training software suite
• Lowlight/flashlight training with included flashlights
• Trainee Action Capture for post scenario debriefing and after-action review
• 850+ Multi-branch video training scenarios pre-loaded
• Library of interactive graphics-based firearms drills (plates, shoothouses, etc.)
• Course of Fire to create your own courses of fire
• Multi-lane Marksmanship Target Practice
• Full training records & reporting module
• Free access to MILO Range new video scenario library & software updates for the life of the system

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Supported Weapons/System Features:

• Service Handguns
• Tactical Rifles and Long Guns
• Taser Devices, OC & Less Lethal Projectile Weapons
• Baton and impact weapons
• Dryfire, Recoil & Live Fire Training
• High definition video scenarios
• Interactive Graphic Skill-Builder Exercises and Ranges

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System Includes:

• MILO Range Laptop Computer System Suite
• Windows® 64-bit Professional Operating system
• MILO Range KnowledgeBase™ utility for instructor-led presentations and lessons
• MILO Flashlight & Laser Detection Box for low-light training
• Ultra-bright HD Projection system with native resolution 1920×1080
• Portable video projection screen (16×9 HD format) 12’W x 7’H
• MILO Programmable Laser OC/Mace canister
• MILO Programmable laser insert x2 (any caliber)
• Tactical Flashlights (2) included
• Trainee Action Capture camera system (color video and audio)
• 2.1 Bose Speaker System
• Pelican Transport Case for Portability



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The MILO Range Advanced training system offers many of the leading features of the MILO Range PRO system in a highly portable package. Included with the system are over 700 ready-to-train scenarios, an extensive library of interactive graphics based firearms drills and exercises and all the necessary hardware and software installed and ready to use right out of the box. A full warranty and an on-site train-the-trainer course are also included.

MILO Range Advanced