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School Safety Response Training

Examples of school situations include:
• Irate parent on school grounds
• Active shooter (student/adult)
• Multiple active threats
• Hostage situation
• Student on student/admin assault
• Run/Hide/Barricade/Fight

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Mental Health Response Training

Examples of mental health situations include:
• Welfare check – meds, etc.
• Autism spectrum
• Homeless encampment
• Disturbance in a public place
• Suicidal subject

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Corrections/In-Custody Training

Examples of corrections/in-custody situations include:
• In-cell suicide attempt
• Yard/cell/chow hall disruption
• Hostage situation
• Prisoner mental health response
• Transportation safety
• Therapy session disruption

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Security Forces Training

Examples of Security Forces situations include:
• Gate-runners
• Active Shooter
• Domestic disturbance
• Traffic stops
• Unauthorized access
• De-escalation

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The System

The more realistic the training the more effective the results. That’s why MILO Range supports a host of system features that you can use to simulate virtually any scenario.

Available on the following fully portable platforms: MILO Range Classic, Advanced, and MSATS systems.

System Features:
• Complete system in one case
• Instructor–controlled multi-branching response options
• Intuitive Windows-based Instructor Interface
• Safe, simulated laser-based force options
• Marksmanship and interactive graphics-based firearms drills
• Full training records & reporting module

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Learn more about MILO Range Mission Specific Training

The MILO Range Mission Specific Training System is the most advanced feature set available for interactive judgment training for school, mental health, and in-custody/corrections training.

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