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Verbal Proficiency Training offers officer communication training with realistic and varied programmed encounters. The training modules deliver practice-based learning that builds new neural pathways for improved verbal skills and techniques to better control a situation through their voice. This online module walks trainees through situations as they evolve from moment to moment, providing insights, communication points, and role model examples of possible responses based on established best practices. This “anytime, any place, any pace” training allows trainees to respond verbally through realistic individual scenarios and then demonstrate their skills via recorded video when they are ready.



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Convenient Online Training

The training modules are accessible on standard devices—from anywhere at any time—ensuring consistent availability. No up-front investment in equipment or facilities is required.

 Trainee Benefits:

  • Train in private (to avoid embarrassment)
  • Train at their own pace
  • Infinitely patient; repeat as often as necessary
  • Accessible on common devices such as PCs and tablets
  • Available at any hour

Instructor Benefits:

  • Evaluations can be performed at any time from common devices
    • Scoring can be done remotely (not at the same place as skill demonstration)
    • Scoring can be done asynchronously (not at the same time as skill demonstration)
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Improve Communication Skills

Without the high frequency and proficiency often seen in sports and performing arts, the odds of embedding verbal proficiency training are usually disappointing. Rather, Verbal Proficiency Training, powered by TBO, offers a world-class solution that ensures accuracy in content and fluency, and a confident delivery style.

Practice, enhance, and learn effective communication, interpersonal, and social skills through a new learning approach built on practice and feedback.


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Connect With Communities

Communication skills matter now more than ever. Communication is used to build trust, create transparency, gain cooperation, mutual respect, empathy, and de-escalate. Law enforcement professionals must have the communication and interpersonal skills to communicate with the communities they serve.

The Verbal Proficiency modules help officers practice difficult situations such as a death notice, communicating with people from diverse backgrounds or unpredictable conditions, and de-escalation techniques so that when they are in the field, they can communicate effectively.

It’s not just about “policing,” it’s about connecting.

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Proof of Learning

Accurately score and access previous assessment videos for evidence of actual performance and proof of learning.


 Trainee Benefits:

  • Allows trainees to self-record to see how they look compared to provided role models
  • Allows trainees to submit self-recorded videos for evaluation
  • Allows trainees to review scores, comments, and coaching from evaluators

Instructor Benefits:

  • Scores are tracked for each learner, and each module
  • Analytics are provided for viewing progress by individuals, groups, or the entire organization



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Online Verbal Proficiency Training

We invest time in understanding your needs and policies up-front, then work closely with your team to develop and deliver the appropriate training solution. We’ll help you find the best way to integrate this custom solution into your training procedures and support you in maintaining and evolving this solution as your policies, challenges, and communities inevitably change over time.

We don’t just sell equipment; we partner with agencies and their instructors to develop cognitive tools for modern police training and cultural awareness.




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Practice and learn effective communication, interpersonal, and social skills through a new learning approach built on practice and feedback.

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