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MILO Sponsored Events

2023 ILEETA CUP: This event is open to ILEETA members ONLY and will take place on Tuesday, March 21st.

WHISKEY NIGHT:  Co-sponsored by the Folds of Honor Motor City. This event will take place on Tuesday, March 21st, from 6:00-8:00 p.m. in the Midway at the Hospitality event co-sponsored by Virtual Academy.




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The MILO Range Pro training system offers the most advanced feature set available for interactive Use-of-Force and Crisis Management Training on the market today. No other system can deliver a more realistic, adaptable training environment in a single ready-to-go package. In addition to hundreds of high-impact contemporary training scenarios, an extensive library of interactive graphics-based firearm drills and exercises are included, featuring MILO’s simple Course of Fire creator and Marksmanship drills. The included MILO Course Designer software empowers instructors to create new, fully interactive video scenarios and graphics firearm drills in minutes. Backed by our 24/7 technical support services, on-site Train-the-Trainer course, and a full 2-year system warranty, the MILO Range Pro makes it easy to create safe, reliable, and effective training programs for years to come.

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Affordable & Portable: The MILO Range M-SATS (Mobile-Situational Awareness Training System) offers the most advanced feature set for portable use of force and a tactical judgment training system. Based on the same software and technology as the full-featured MILO Range PRO system, the M-SATS provides fully interactive video scenarios, graphics-based firearms drills, and industry-leading features in a compact, all-inclusive design that is easy to transport and set up in less than 10 minutes.


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Learn about the Hoberman Series

Each Hoberman scenario is designed to be an intense cognitive engagement that places law enforcement
officers into challenging but solvable situations. These flexible, non-linear, and highly adaptive scenarios will force officers to make the right legal, moral, and ethical decisions before a situation escalates. The Hoberman Series allows the training officer and trainee to acquire, interpret, store, and then use a set of specific, cognitively essential knowledge, skills, and attitudes. These essential skills can be used during any citizen contact, traffic stop, or encounter, whether novel or challenging.

In partnership with Arcadia Cognerati

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