Stop Driving yourself crazy!

Build Your Driving Simulation in Minutes Instead of Months
RTI’s new SimCreator DX suite gives non-programmers the power to develop complex driving simulation studies in minutes; yet leaving the back end exposed for those power users
  • Painless rapid prototyping
  • Quickly “test drive” new ideas
  • Eliminate the “sunk cost” mindset
  • Create complex customer driving scenarios without writing a line of code
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Thomas Kerwin Testimonial

The thing that I’m excited about is more rapid development of scenarios because of the integrated debugging … [and] Maneuver tools. I can trigger stuff and debug stuff while the simulator is actually live. I don’t have to exit, look at a log, tweak it, restart it. … Tweaking those values … [is] much easier to get right using this new software.

Thomas Kerwin, Director of Operations, OSU Driving Simulation Lab

Stop driving yourself crazy!

Driving simulation research studies are notorious for eating up months in development and debugging. Existing software is powerful, but because of its complexity, researchers usually need to be proficient in using C++, JavaScript, or other programming languages to get anything done.

SimCreator DX: Easy for Beginners, Ready for Power Users

Imagine using a completely graphical interface to build the same studies in a few clicks. You’ll be test driving your simulation in minutes. Debugging will take a few hours, instead of a few weeks. Most importantly, you won’t have to sacrifice the power and flexibility you get by going “under the hood” and writing your own code when you need to. SimCreator DX’s open platform lets power users dig into the code to make any changes they need: tweak vehicle dynamics, build entirely new components, craft new behaviours, create custom visual databases, and more.

Realtime Technologies —Research Simulation Simplified

For more than 20 years, Realtime Technologies Inc. (RTI) has built custom software and hardware driving simulator solutions for your research needs. From the start, we’ve focused on human-in-the-loop simulation and modeling. As a result, we lead the industry in developing software and hardware tools for real time simulations.

RTI has always provided complete, end-to-end support: simulation software, simulation hardware, custom and standard simulation cabs, consulting services, custom engineering solutions, and built-to-suit custom software and hardware development.