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Unmatched simulation training for Transit designed to meet standard practices for Bus & Rail professionals. Providing tools and training techniques that maximize retention.

The complete set of training simulators
for transit operation.

Transit agencies can use simulation training technology for all stages of workforce development training:

Basic Training — Initial training for new hires and existing employees with no experience operating a transit vehicle in revenue service. Teaching fundamentals is an area where sims excel.

Requalification – Requalifying experienced operators who are returning after a prolonged absence. They broadly know what they’re doing, but may be a little rusty in certain skills, or wish to confirm that their situational awareness/customer service skills are sharp.

Remedial – Mandatory corrective training for operators following a collision or serious incident. This may also include preventative action for operators who may be struggling (i.e., clipping mirrors, hard braking, etc.) to hone skills.

Recertification – Mandatory, cyclical refresher training that all existing operators must attend in order to maintain their qualification as drivers. This group of operators has a solid grasp of the fundamentals, but still benefit from practice and a safe environment that can allow them to test those skills against any mix of conditions (poor visibility, slick roads, distracted road-users, etc.).

Learn how FAAC’s curriculum can support your workforce throughout their entire development.

FAAC bus simulators benefit workforce development and personnel training in the modern zero-emissions bus world. 

Both the MB1000 and MB2000 integrate into existing training programs, ensuring that your workforce is ready to transition to low and zero-emission transit vehicles.

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Working in the simulator allows you to fully observe the operator’s habits... to be sure they’re safe on the road. So you can pause the simulation at any time, show them what they’re doing, and ask ‘Why are you doing it that way?’ Then you aren’t just showing them the right way, but giving them the ‘Why...

- US DOT Transit Safety Institute-certified Instructor

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Driver Training

Develop skills required to safely operate a bus in an environment that is controllable, repeatable, and realistic.



Passenger Interaction

Students are presented with realistic challenges to develop awareness and vital decision making skills.

Teachable Moments

Identify opportunities for improvement in bus operation and passenger interaction with captured playback.


Learning Retention

Repeat scenarios while applying knowledge acquired throughout the Continuum of Training.


Workforce Development Training Solutions