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Situational Awareness Simulation Training

Situational Awareness

MILO Range provides training to identify, process, and comprehend information about how to respond to an emergency situation. In high-stress situations it can be difficult to manage situational awareness; MILO Range products offer training scenarios to improve your situational awareness.

Solution Features

Our simulators help you learn to think ahead and determine how your actions will affect future events, identify your environment, assess the situation and form logical conclusions concerning any threats. Through training and practice, officers who lack the ability to manage their situational awareness can be trained to a higher level.

Related Simulator: MILO Range Theater

The MILO Range Theater system provides you with a fully immersive training environment. With the enhanced field of view that Theater offers, you can increase trainee realism and offer true to life training scenarios. The MILO Range Theater is interactive from all directions, allowing trainee responses to multiple threats and applications of proper tactics simultaneously. The system is operated by a single instructor using either a touchscreen monitor or wireless tablet; significantly reducing the instructor resources needed.

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This system is a great resource to have, providing quality, realistic scenarios enhancing the trainees’ experience. The MILO system provides over 800 different training scenarios; some stress inducing, others are more skill building.

Master Sgt. Michael Tjaarda, 129th Security Forces

Training...On the right Track?

Did you know that simulation training can help students achieve 90% learning retention? Help your training program by getting on the right track with simulation training.

Go Beyond The Simulator And Learn How To Train. FAAC’s Instructor Development courses go beyond the simulator, and teach instructors how to use the simulator as a training tool.

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