Incident Management Simulator

RescueSim Incident Management Simulator

A Virtual Training Platform for Real Emergencies

We expanded the Rescue Sim product to cover all aspects of incident command management, Rescue Sim is now RS.

Real-life training is an excellent way to develop competencies but is often time-consuming and expensive. RS, Incident Command is an incident management simulator that prepares safety and security professionals for incidents by letting them train in a realistic virtual environment, without the dangers, costs and time associated with traditional training.

Like our previous version of Rescue Sim, RS allows emergency crews to experience the incident as they would in real life. They assess the situation and determine the best response strategy, implement it and then observe the consequences of their decisions.

With RS, users can try different response strategies for each incident. Professional instructors can easily build incident scenarios using the intuitive toolbox and have full control over events during the exercise, changing the incidents on the spot.

For after-action debriefing, a full session recording including a detailed log of all actions is available which allows evaluation and assessment after the exercise, allowing the instructor to provide a detailed description of areas for further training. The result is a real-life improvement in rescue operations.

Simulator Features

The benefits of virtual incident command training:

  • Train whenever, wherever without the need for extensive logistics and material
  • Improve operational preparedness of the emergency response organization
  • Avoid high practical training costs
  • Multi-departmental training with different emergency services is possible
  • Learn new skills in a safe environment
  • Specialised training courses offered in cooperation with partners
  • Realistic 3D training environments, company specific or generic
  • Complete control and flexibility for the instructor before & during scenarios
  • Logging of all actions and decisions for debriefing

Key elements of RS incident command training

Realistic Exercise Locations:

• More than 150 different exercise locations, high level of realism
• Generic, country-specific or fully customised environments
• Accessible buildings, dynamic damage visualization

Unlimited Incident Scenarios:

• Flexibility to create an incident in any exercise environment
• Incident scenarios are easy to make using drag-and-drop
• Extensive objects database with over 700 interactive objects
• Dynamic scenario evolution using timeline, triggers, waypoints
• Multiple incidents possible in a single exercise

Interactive Roleplaying Functionality:

• Participants experience the incident as in real life and are able to use all available equipment, tools and people in the simulation.

Scalable training Setups

Adaptable to each incident command level

Strategic: For Emergency Operation Centers and Municipal Crisis Team

• Coordination of Response Strategies
• Communication
• Resource Planning and Infrastructural Impact Management

Tactical: For On-Scene Commanders and First Response Coordinators

• Team Management
• Communication
• Processes and Protocols
• Coordination of Response Strategies
• Standard Operation Procedures

Operational: For Emergency Response Units and First Responders

• Specific Protocols
• Communication
• Operational Discipline
• Standard Operation Procedures



RS Simulation Systems

RS consists of three different base simulation systems catering to the specific needs of different industries: the RS Land, Aviation, and Maritime Systems. Each system has its own library of 3D environments and objects, including an instructor toolbox to create specialized incident scenarios.

Additional modules can be added to the RescueSim Land/Aviation/Maritime Systems to cover additional
training types and standards. Based on your specific training requirements, you can select your own module

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Real-life training is an excellent way to develop competences, but is often time-consuming and expensive. RescueSim is an incident management simulator that prepares safety and security professionals for incidents by letting them train in a realistic virtual environment, without the dangers, costs and time associated with traditional training.

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Our data collection spoke for itself, a decrease of 69.23% in accidents for those Operators trained on the simulator.

Zerry L. Hogan, Lynx Driving Simulation Project Manager

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