MB-1000 Bus Simulator

Bus Driver Training Simulator

MB-1000 Bus Training Simulator

MB-1000 Bus Driver Training Simulator

The MB-1000 Bus Simulator is a testament to the innovative solution FAAC provides to the transit training industry. With more than 220-degree field-of-view capability, replicated dash controls and dynamic optional motion system.

Simulator Features

  • Expansive field of view
  • Adjustable inset mirrors
  • Choice of generic or replica cab
  • Motion base available
  • Digital dash available
MB-1000 Bus Simulator Scenario

Driver Cab

  • Full powertrain (engine, transmission, axle ratio)
  • Accurate vehicle brakes
  • A suspension system that includes shock absorbers, springs, and tire effects
  • Faithful replication of steering wheel feel and tendencies
  • Functional cab compartment controls
  • Models previously constructed include: 29’ diesel bus, 35’ diesel bus, 40’ diesel and/or CNG bus, 40’ hybrid (diesel/electric), 60’ articulated bus, School bus

Accurate reproduction of cab dashboard components for lifelike training environment, including controls for

  • Doors
  • Air and interlock brakes
  • Engine overrule
  • Fire suppression
  • Kneeling
  • Master switch

FAAC’s proprietary SmartNode™ software creates realistic seat bounce and vibration from elements such as acceleration and braking, turning and curb strikes.

Real-Time Computer System

FAAC’s proprietary software system enables the student to respond to the environment and maneuvers, such as speed, road friction, wind, visibility, and driver inputs.

  • Controls out-the-window visual scenes and vehicle sounds as they relate
    to driving and student performance
  • Provides signals to the student vehicle dashboard instruments
  • Senses and responds to student inputs, such as hard braking and
  • Provides realistic interaction between other driving stations networked to
    participate in the same training scenario

Visual Display

FAAC sets the standard for the visual driving environment with the most sophisticated virtual reality training products in the industry.

  • A combination of front, side, and rear screens can provide up to 315°
    horizontal field-of-view of crisp, clear virtual training worlds – our vertical field of view is the broadest in the industry
  • State-of-the-art flat screen monitors enable FAAC to install physical
    interior and exterior rear view mirrors that are vital to driver training

Instructor Operator Station

This vital component provides a direct, real-time link between instructor and the student(s) during training sessions.

  • Enables the instructor to manage one of several student driving sessions
  • Controls traffic, weather, equipment malfunctions, daylight, lesson
    storage and objective scoring on up to 15 different driving variables
  • Provides a location for instructor-student interaction tools, such as a
    desktop instructor driving console and pedestrian joystick control


Our system generates appropriate vehicle motor and other operational sounds of a municipal bus.

  • Doppler effect sound configuration conveys the presence and location of passing vehicles, stationary obstructions, sirens, etc.
  • Radio (intercom) system can be integrated into the driving station to support appropriate dispatcher/radio communications activity, as well as training for the student driver through interaction with the instructor.

Service, Support and Customer Resources

FAAC has a “customer for life” philosophy. We understand the importance of training and operational readiness. FAAC offers unsurpassed service and support including features such as:

• Turnkey Delivery
• Dependable, Reliable and Tested
• Online User Community
• User Conferences
• Train the Trainer Program
• Subject Matter Experts

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The MB-1000 Bus Simulator ia a testament to the innovative solution FAAC provides to the transit training industry. With more than 220-degrees field-of-view capability, replicated dash controls and dynamic optional motion system.

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Our data collection spoke for itself, a decrease of 69.23% in accidents for those Operators trained on the simulator.

Zerry L. Hogan, Lynx Driving Simulation Project Manager

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