Driving Force Integrated Training System in Spotlight at CopsWest Show

FAAC Incorporated and IES Interactive were proud to participate in the Panasonic Casino Night at the CopsWest tradeshow, which included both driving and use of force competitions.

FAAC Incorporated, creator of the industry-leading LE-1000 driver training simulator, and IES Interactive, proud developers of the MILO Range Pro v4 force options simulator, were on hand to illustrate the powerful benefits of full-cycle drive-shoot-drive training.

“This was a great opportunity to show our fully integrated DrivingForce product to the industry,” said David Bouwkamp, executive director for commercial business development. “The drive-shoot-drive training capability is a game-changer in the law enforcement training industry. Now, not only does a trainee need to safely arrive at an incident or pull over a fleeing subject, he or she now must get out of the vehicle simulator and confront the suspect in the force options simulator. The trainee can even get back in the vehicle to further chase a subject, if that is what the instructor chooses.”

The Driving Force system includes features such as:

-Fully integrated training scenarios with matching scenes
-Device-to-device networking
-Start-to-finish call cycle training exercise
-Tailored instructions sessions
-Compression of situational dynamics
-Video branching provides instructor real-time operational control
-Turnkey, train anytime tactical capability

“The Panasonic event was a good opportunity for attendees to see the flexibility and versatility of the MILO system,” said Robert McCue, IES General Manager. “IES has always offered the most advanced feature set in the industry, and now we are able to extend that capability into a full-cycle training solution.”

FAAC regularly meets with the largest single user of pursuit driver training simulators, CAPOST. The location of the tradeshow – Ontario, CA – also enabled FAAC representatives to engage with the California Police Officer Standards and Training Commission (CAPOST), who purchase of 108 driver training simulators is believed to be the largest purchase of its kind.

“FAAC’s Customer for Life philosophy means that we stay close to our customer base. CopsWest is one of many opportunities we make to engage with our large West Coast customer base, including CAPOST, which is the largest agency in the country using pursuit training simulators in their statewide training centers,” Bouwkamp said.
For more information on FAAC products and services, contact FAAC at 734-761-5836 or visit the website at faac.wpengine.com.

For more information on IES Interactive products and services, contact Jesse Wimmer at 303-378-5283 or visit the website at www.ies-usa.com.