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De-escalation Training for Split-second Decision-making

Now more than ever, officers must arrive at every scene ready to quickly assess, de-escalate, and defuse—even as tempers flare. They need to be prepared to smoothly move among de-escalation techniques and communication tactics, then transition into force options if de-escalation proves impossible.

It is a complex skill that one is unlikely to learn sitting through a seminar or doing a few roleplaying activities with fellow officers.

Police De-Escalation Training with MILO Range

MILO Range simulation systems and the Verbal Proficiency Training modules allow officers to explore tactics and interventions in complex, nuanced real-world situations. As the name implies, the MILO (“Multiple Interactive Learning Objectives”) simulation system is designed to go beyond marksmanship and firearm training. MILO isn’t just a virtual firing range or a simple “use-of-force” or firearms training simulator. MILO Range simulators are scenario-based “human interaction simulators.”

Police officers working in a MILO scenario face open-ended problems with many possible complications and outcomes. Trainers running the simulation can adapt the scenario in real-time, responding to the police officer’s actions and decisions.

MILO Range simulators include a library of scenarios ranging from routine traffic stops to complex mental health crises and domestic conflicts. These are emotionally immersive role-playing simulation scenarios with branching decision trees. Officers can exercise every facet of their training–fine-tuning their presence, verbal communication skills, and de-escalation strategies to force options when necessary, according to department policy.

Throughout every scenario, the instructor can make adjustments to hone both individual and interdependent aspects of a police officer’s judgment, situational awareness, and de-escalation skills. In every scenario, police officers have all of their de-escalation, communication, and force options on the table. Each scenario-based exercise helps trainees build up their mental endurance, remain in the conversation, and maintain calm in intense situations.

Training your Trainers to Train your De-Escalation Policy

MILO solutions go beyond the simulation. Over and over again, trainers and instructors report that the real value in their integrated, immersive simulation-based de-escalation training solution is in the opportunities it creates for reflection. Officers develop the strategies that work best for them, finding—and using—every opportunity for de-escalation.

MILO offers tools to facilitate after-action debriefing, analyze trainee performance, and create custom content unique to your needs. We train your instructors to use these advanced simulation tools so that your policies can be consistently communicated as part of every exercise. As those policies change, so can your simulation.

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De-escalation Training Solution

We invest time in understanding your needs and policies upfront, then work closely with your team to develop and deliver the appropriate training solution. We’ll help you find the best way to integrate this custom solution into your training procedures and support you in maintaining and evolving this solution as your policies and challenges inevitably change over time. We don’t just sell equipment; we partner with agencies and their instructors to develop their ideal de-escalation training solution.

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