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Police Driver & Pursuit Training

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Decision Making, De-escalation & Community Safety

It takes real experience to build real skills. Driving a vehicle—whether in police pursuit or simply patrolling an area—comprises a large part of most law enforcement officers’ days. That much time driving their vehicles (combined with the regular experience of unknown, dangerous, and high-stress situations) can be nerve-wracking. Additionally, according to the Department of Transportation, since the pandemic began people are indeed driving worse than they once did. All of this is compounded by the added complexity and danger that comes along with operating a vehicle during a pursuit. That heightened alertness and fear for safety escalates officers’ emotions and creates extremely stressful work conditions.

Preparing for these variable conditions requires police officers to develop specialized skills. That’s why law enforcement agency driver training is so important. The LE-1000 and 1000C police pursuit training simulators are custom hardware/software solutions. They combine force-feedback steering, motion seats, and geometrically correct field-of-view displays with immersive, customized 3D simulation software. Most importantly, LE-1000 simulators are instructor-controlled. All driving scenarios can be customized to suit your department’s unique needs, challenges, and skill sets. Each scenario can be tweaked by your agency in advance or while running. This combination of instructor control and immersive simulation consistently creates emotionally vivid training exercises that test police officers’ motor, cognitive, and emotional skills.

Effective debriefing is the key to extracting every teachable moment and opportunity for improvement. To facilitate this, your police driver training simulation solution can include both standard and advanced logging and after-action scenario review systems—whichever is the best fit for your operation.

Law Enforcement Continuum of Training

FAAC’s police driving simulators are part of the Continuum of Training for law enforcement officers. The Continuum of Training is a complete set of training simulators for law enforcement officers and first responders, customized around your communities needs and vital characteristics.  This includes FAAC’s Incident Command, which brings in a larger pursuit element matching the complexity of real-life vehicle pursuits. This solution integrates several networked simulation components for a true multi-level, full-cycle, immersive training experience that will convincingly emulate both the physical and emotional realities of complex multi-unit, multi-departmental incidents.

With the Continuum of Training system, you harness a “simple to complex” approach to training public safety personnel. This makes the most of each simulator and tool, for incremental, context-focused student learning. The program includes scripts and curricula that reinforce and support each other through a pre-planned “road map” of phases that focus on judgment and decision-making skills.

Each scenario can include a variety of physical settings—schools, industrial areas, city streets, single- or multi-family dwellings—and a range of weather and lighting conditions. Every scenario is fully programmable and customizable and can be modified by the instructor as it runs (including joystick control of pedestrians, suspects, onlookers, etc.), to keep trainees on their toes. The result is an educationally rich training exercise with all the benefits of hands-on practical training but without the high cost, organizational challenges, or risks of injury and equipment damage that come with a large-scale live exercise.

Continuum of Training solutions focus on:

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Police Pursuit Training Customer-for-Life

With FAAC, you will be treated as a “Customer for Life” from day one: We invest time upfront in understanding your challenges and policies, then develop and deliver a unique turnkey solution that we will work with you to seamlessly integrate into your police pursuit driving training procedures.

We don’t sell equipment; we partner with law enforcement agencies and their instructors to develop and create your ideal custom police pursuit training solution. As your policies, protocols, and challenges evolve over time, we’ll support you in maintaining and evolving your driving training.

Every FAAC solution goes beyond drilling manual skills and individual evolutions. These are tools for honing good judgment in the heat of the moment, even as a variety of factors and pressures compete for your attention. We understand that every officer, vehicle, and pursuit is unique. We have an established track record for helping academies, community colleges, and law enforcement agencies find the right solution for their officers.

Call us today to discuss your police pursuit, incident command, and driving training needs, and allow us to put our expertise to work for you.

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Emotionally and Physically Immersive Police Officer Training

Police Driver & Pursuit Training Night

For an even more comprehensive training solution, FAAC offers DrivingForce—the industry’s only fully integrated police driver training and force-options simulator solution. DrivingForce is built from the ground up to create the most realistic, reproducible, and customizable law enforcement training scenarios possible.

DrivingForce brings together FAAC’s two premier simulation solutions: The MILO Range high-definition immersive use-of-force training system and the LE-1000 and LE-1000C police vehicle driver training simulators.

Every FAAC solution is custom, but the goal is always the same: To balance your police training objectives against your budget in crafting the most emotionally realistic, educationally effective training solution possible.

Your training system can include a range of functions to support these skills (and others) in the most realistic environment possible:

  • Perishable skills
  • Speed and space management
  • Intersection analysis
  • Split-second judgment and decision-making
  • Hazard perception
  • Adverse driving conditions
  • Pursuit management
  • Multi-tasking

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FAAC is dedicated to the highest fidelity in modeling and simulation technology, providing real experience for your drivers/operators in life-like virtual environments.

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