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Fire Pump Operator Simulation Training

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Fire Pump Simulation and the Continuum of Training

The Continuum of Training is a complete set of training simulators for firefighters and first responders. It integrates several networked simulation components for a true multi-level, full-cycle, immersive training solution. The goal is to convincingly emulate both the physical and emotional realities of a complex scenario—including multi-unit, multi-jurisdictional incidents.

Each evolution can include a variety of settings—airports, railways, industrial areas, city streets, single- or multi-family dwellings—and a range of weather conditions. Every evolution is fully programmable and customizable and can be modified by the trainer as it runs (including joystick control of pedestrians, animals, onlookers, etc.), keeping students on their toes. This offers all the benefits of hands-on practical training in a safe, cost-effective, and educationally rich manner.

Continuum of Training solutions focus on:


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Pump Operator Training Fireman

Pump Operator Training Customer-for-Life

Every FAAC solution goes beyond drilling manual skills and individual evolutions. These are tools for honing good judgment in the heat of the moment, even as a variety of factors and pressures compete for your attention.

We don’t just sell simulators; we partner with fire departments and their instructors to develop and create your ideal custom training solution. You will be treated as a “Customer for Life” from day one: We invest time up front in understanding your challenges and policies, then develop and deliver a unique turnkey solution that we will work with you to seamlessly integrate into your training procedures.

As your policies and challenges evolve over time, so will your pump operator training solution.

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Pump Ops is a simulation training device that provides a hands-on, immersive experience in the operation of an apparatus pump. This simulator exposes the trainee to various evolving situations that they can interact with in a safe classroom environment. Pump Ops provides training that cannot be duplicated safely using real apparatus. This saves wear and possible damage to firefighting apparatus.

Fire Pump Operator Simulator