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Since depth perception is critical in air refueling but difficult to simulate FAAC has developed next-generation head-tracking technology, allowing the KC-135 BOSS simulator to help trainees hone these important skills well before they ever leave the ground.

Despite its compact size, the Air Refueling & Boom Operation simulator includes full scenario building capabilities and complete visual debriefing software. Trainers will be able to see exactly what the trainee saw and thus have the opportunity to point out to the trainee exactly what he or she should have been looking for.  With an in-compartment touch-screen Instructor Operating System (IOS), there’s no need for the trainer to be present for every session, making it much easier for boom operators to schedule training and maintain proficiency.


KC-135 BOSS Simulator History

The U.S. Army Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training & Instrumentation (PEO STRI) selected FAAC to build the Air National Guard’s (ANG) Boom Operator Simulation System (KC-135 BOSS). The KC-135 BOSS is a high fidelity trainer for the ANG boom operators that replicates the KC-135R Block 40 boom pod.

The KC-135 BOSS provides an immersive simulation environment which utilizes realistic computer generated images, head tracking technology, high fidelity boom and aircraft physical models with an emulation of the actual aircraft boom controls.

The ANG will field 17 Boom Operator Simulation Systems to Air National Guard CONUS and OCONUS locations. KC-135 BOSS is intended for squadron level training to be co-located with operational KC-135 air refueling wings.


Your Partner in Air Refueling & Boom Operation Training

Simulation training has a proven track record of providing better knowledge transfer more safely and at a lower cost than conventional training programs. FAAC offers tools to facilitate after-action debriefing, analyze trainee performance, and create custom scenarios unique to your needs. As policies and battlefield realities change, so can your simulation.

Simulator sickness is a special concern in boom operator training.  Since up to 10% of the population is susceptible to simulator sickness, FAAC has developed both design elements and training tactics that successfully reduce this instance by half or more.

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Air Refueling & Boom Operation Training Customer-for-Life

FAAC was founded in 1971 specifically to create military weapons simulations for the U.S. Air Force. Our military simulation training technologies have become the standard for real-time military systems training, helping trainees learn critical skills safely and affordably.

FAAC embraces a “Customer for Life” philosophy. We invest time in understanding your assets and objectives, work closely with your team to develop and deliver the appropriate simulation solution, and help you find the best way to integrate this custom solution into your training procedures. Most importantly, we support you in maintaining and evolving this solution as your policies, assets, and challenges inevitably change over time.

We don’t sell equipment; we partner with agencies and their instructors to develop their ideal tools for air refueling and boor operation training.


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KC-135 BOSS is a product of FAAC’s Air Warfare Simulation (AWS) Division. FAAC’s AWS Division has been developing real-time simulations for over forty years. Our simulation technology established and remains the standard for weapon assessment for air combat training devices worldwide.

Boom Operator Simulation System (KC-135 BOSS)