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Wildland Fire Training Simulators

The area burned by wildfires in the United States has grown each year for the past two decades. Increasingly, responding to wildland fires means staging large, multi-agency operations. The need for comprehensive, effective wildland fire response training is obviously more pressing than ever.

But it’s virtually impossible to effectively train for wildfire response. In fact, some research indicates that many traditional approaches used to prepare wildland firefighters actually decrease their safety and effectiveness. The core issue: firefighters generally know what to do in a wildland fire, but may not be prepared to access that knowledge in the heat and chaos of the moment.

Good simulation-based firefighter training allows responders to safely acclimate themselves to the unique emotional challenges of accessing complex skills-based knowledge in the midst of a chaotic and rapidly evolving emergency.


Simulation Training Solutions for All Fire Scenarios

Simulation training makes safe, comprehensive wildland firefighter training possible—at your convenience and without taking any equipment or firefighters out of service.

FAAC has an established track record for delivering effective, realistic, and accurate firefighting simulations that cover a host of potential situations, risks, and vital wildland firefighting skills. In many cases, a single hardware cab simulator can be used to simulate a variety of different vehicle types. Every FAAC fire training simulator includes wildland fire modeling and forest fire spread simulation capabilities, as well as a powerful suite of trainee assessment and learning tools, so that every session can be as productive as possible and best contribute to overall student growth.

FAAC offers a full-range of networkable fire training simulators, including Driving, PumpOps, EMS, and more. Simulators are customizable and can be built to order using real panels, levers, and other OEM-specific hardware. The included simulation software realistically models fire behavior, vehicle and equipment dynamics, weather and environmental conditions, and even the differences in water or foam flowing in varying conditions and concentrations.

Every simulator arrives with a full library of scenarios, ranging from “fundamentals,” skills-focused evolutions, to complex, immersive, emotionally challenging scenarios that test a firefighter’s skills at split-second decision-making, communication, scene management, and more. Throughout any scenario, the trainer can pause, rewind, redirect, or modify conditions (e.g., trigger a pump fault, change visibility, alter weather conditions, introduce bystanders or wildlife, etc.) Since every FAAC fire training simulator can network and interoperate, trainers have the option of creating large group, full-battalion, and multi-agency training sessions.

Pump Ops Simulator

Pump Ops Simulator

Pump Ops VR Trainer

Pump Ops VR Trainer

Comprehensive Wildland Firefighting and Disaster Management Models and Simulation

FAAC’s inCommand is a comprehensive, scalable, simulation-based incident management training solution. It prepares responders, battalion, and command for emergencies, disasters, and other incidents by allowing them to safely, economically, and conveniently train in a realistic virtual environment. They experience the incident as they would in real life: assessing the situation, determining the best response strategy, implementing it, and then observing the consequences of their decisions. The firefighter trainee thus prepares for the complex realities of a wildland fire or other emergency incident, both in terms of strategic tactical response as well as psychological preparedness and communication soft-skills. Users can try different response strategies across a wide array of wildland fire scenarios and environments (from ruggedly forested areas to developed wildland-urban interface (WUI) communities.

The inCommand suite is powered by XVR On-Scene, an off-the-shelf interactive 3D incident command and control simulation platform for tactical and procedural-level training. It arrives loaded with a comprehensive library of pre-built high-fidelity scenarios, allowing the user to start training immediately. As instructors become familiar with the system, they can quickly expand their scenario library using the included “Build” tool. Total flexibility within the system during scenarios gives the instructor full control over events in real-time. They can change the incident on the spot, pause to offer further instruction or discussion, rewind, restart, or change perspectives as needed.

Simulation Training Benefits

  • Train vehicle operators and firefighters on generic maps or custom geospecific locations
  • Develop field skills and improve student confidence to accurately make decisions alone or as part of a team while under pressure
  • High student synthesis of learning objectives and elevated knowledge retention
  • Safe environment offering consistent and repeatable training for low-frequency events
  • Customize events to agency policy and local conditions
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Forest Fire Simulation and Firefighting Training Customer-for-Life

We invest time in understanding your operational realities and training needs up front, then work closely with your team to develop and deliver the best training solution. We’ll help you find the best way to integrate this custom solution into your training procedures. Most importantly, we support you in maintaining and evolving this solution as your challenges inevitably change over time.

We don’t just sell fire training simulators; we partner with agencies, then work with their instructors to develop their ideal immersive emergency training solution.

Are you ready to advance your training programs? Contact us now to determine what’s best for your crew.

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