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Interface and Architecture

SimController simulations take advantage of decades of improvements that make them uniquely accurate and fast enough to provide many multiple simultaneous flyouts for real-time kill removal as well as for post-mission analysis in a debrief session. The SimController interface and architecture, unlike many multi-purpose, analysis, or engineering level weapon simulations, are designed specifically to interface with launcher OFP data to provide realistic responses to the fire control and in-flight data exchanges which take place during modern weapon employment. SimController’s customer base has expanded over the recent years to include a number of commercial and military analysis and test programs.

FAAC has developed an unclassified version of the SimController with the intention of providing affordable weapons capability for unclassified training, analysis, demonstrations, or as an integration tool for the classified SimController. This product has an external interface identical to the classified SimController, but the internal simulation “engine” will be FAAC’s dynamically linked SimBuilder™ library which is a weapon parameter-driven executable for which weapon parameters can be specified or modified through a Windows GUI.

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FAAC’s SimController™ product is specifically designed for the purpose of aircrew weapons training. SimController has become the standard weapon simulation solution for F15, F-16, F/A-18 ground trainers, the Navy Weapon Simulation Common Environment (WSCE), Joint Simulation Environment for Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) testing, AARI test range, and the Navy TCTS II training range upgrade program.