It makes me incredibly proud as president of FAAC Incorporated to recognize that 2021 marks our 50th year in business, a significant milestone in the history of our company. Over our first half-century, we have had innumerable accomplishments and successes resulting from the contributions of our dedicated team members and the customers who placed their faith in us to support their training and simulation objectives. Our customers’ involvement and feedback have guided and motivated us over the years to develop new ideas and to deliver right-fidelity solutions that have meaningful impact – be it supporting our warfighters in the cockpit, soldiers in the field, public safety personnel on the street, or transit operators behind the wheel.  Not only have our customers made us a part of their experience but additionally they have helped us showcase these solutions throughout the world.

Our story remains unfinished… as we enter our next half-century,  we look forward to continuing as a world leader in training & simulation, supporting our current customers, and applying our team’s capabilities to innovate to new heights.


Kurt Flosky, FAAC President


FAAC Military

The Military Operations Division of FAAC represents the original core of our company, founded in 1971 to provide high-speed accurate weapon simulations to better prepare pilots for combat operations. Our weapon simulation technology established, and remains, the standard for real-time weapons assessment. Our Zone Acquisition Program (ZAP) was a revolutionary leap in capability to the US warfighter, replacing low-fidelity coefficient driven algorithms, with accurate high-speed simulations.

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FAAC Commercial

Unmatched simulation training for Public Safety and Transit, designed to meet standard practices for Police, Fire, EMS, Bus, and Rail professionals. FAAC Commercial provides comprehensive tools and training techniques that result in maximum learning retention in safe, controllable, and repeatable training environments. The FAAC  Continuum of Training is the first and only complete set of training simulation technology that takes a “simple to complex” approach to the training of personnel by maximizing the use of FAAC simulators and tools; resulting in incremental, context-focused student learning.

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Training for first responders and the military must be diverse, comprehensive, and adaptable, which is why agencies worldwide have trusted MILO, since 1994, with their most challenging learning objectives. MILO has the products, creativity, drive, and background to develop innovative new training products with the latest technology. These products are tailored to specific customer demand and needs, whether those needs are for tactical firearms training, de-escalation and active bystander training, or something completely new to meet rapidly evolving objectives.

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Realtime Technologies

Realtime Technologies launched its industry-leading software, SimCreator, and has since steadily constructed a software suite like nothing else currently offered on the market. RTI offers simulation software applications, consulting services, custom engineering solutions, and software and hardware development. Our simulators are built-to-suit based on hardware and software specifications provided by the customer. By equipping the simulator in-house, RTI is able to offer customized solutions and endless possibilities.

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