Instructor Development

Go beyond the simulator and learn how to train with the simulator

Train The Trainer

FAAC Instructor Development courses go beyond the simulator and teach instructors how to use the simulator as a training tool. FAAC offers two levels of instructor training. Our Advanced program is designed for individuals with no prior training experience, while or Master program is designed for those with prior simulation operation experience. Each instructor development course offers policy integration and the option for curriculum development.

Master Simulator Instructor Development

The Master Simulator Instructor Development course is designed for simulator instructors who are already experienced with simulations operations and want to either take their courses to another level through curriculum development, adult learning concepts, and practical application strategies.  The course is more of a mutual exchange of ideas, approaches, and skill development techniques through operation and participation of the simulators.  The fundamentals of proper operation, a full application of features and Instructor strategies of time management, student-centered learning and maximum effectiveness of the After Action Scenario Review process is covered at length.  One of the course goals is to develop course curriculum, within the department’s policies and procedures that can be applied to a class immediately following the Master Simulator Instructor Development class.  The practical application starts with the opening exercise and continues throughout the length of the course.  The exercises provide use and application of FAAC driving simulator features and allow for the development of tactical planning, alternative course instruction and use of driving simulators.  Review of proper on/off procedures, operation sequencing, operators levels of repair designed to keep classes going during computer lockups and failures as well as proper maintenance are woven throughout the course and reviewed at the closing session.

The Master Simulator Instructor Development course supports department and agency instructor certification as well as proper operation and maintenance as it is presented by the actual manufacturer. It also provides a platform for the introduction of new features or upgrades recently purchased by a department, confirmation of proper operation of an experienced system or simply re-vitalization of a current program.


Advanced Simulator Instructor Development opens with the operators acting as students in an actual class environment. The experience allows students new to simulations instruction, to understand how the simulator is used in a classroom setting. It also enhances the experience of instructors who already have an established simulator program as it presents alternative, additional or perhaps enhanced simulator instruction strategies. The course also covers all of the functions and features of the FAAC Driving Simulator, including on/off procedures, opening the Instructor Operating Station, loading scripts,and, if so equipped, operating the After Action Script Review feature. The course introduces instructors new to simulation training to contemporary instructor practices, in-depth script review through actual practical application exercises on the simulator. The exercise also provides use and application of FAAC driving simulator features such as loading alternative vehicles, changing the environment, vehiclefailures, student rosters, scoring, mapping, if so equipped, Mobile Data computer and change of views.All emergency operation equipment is used in actual script exercises and considered part of the training features. The Advanced course is steeped in the practical operation of the simulator as well as a review of sample course curriculums using the customer’s actual policies and procedures. Training includes steps of proper maintenance and basic levels of operator repair designed to keep classes going during computer lock-ups or failures.

The Advanced Simulator Instructor Development course is often used at locations where simulator programs have either deteriorated through lack of use or the transfer of instructors where the passing of knowledge regarding simulator operations was simply not accomplished. The use of the FAAC Advanced program also supports department and agency instructor certification as well as proper operation and maintenance as it is presented by the actual manufacturer.

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