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MILO Training Solutions

MILO offers training solutions for both police and military to prepare officers and soldiers for the emotional realities of real-life use-of-force situations. Training law enforcement and the military isn’t simply about shooting practice and tactical decisions, but instead must provide police officers and soldiers with the skills to make the most effective choice for the situation. Separate scenarios are designed for practicing less-lethal  tools (batontaser, OC spray, etc.), critical incident responsesituational awareness, community policing, judgment skills, active listening, operational strategy, de-escalation, gate barrier engagement, counter unmanned aircraft systems, and in-custody corrections training.

MILO’s custom immersive use-of-force and tactical training system can be as simple as a single-screen simulator with basic IR-laser-fitted training weapons (matching the weapons used by your agency). Or it can be as complex as a multi-screen “shoothouse” or fully immersive 300-degree motion-tracking surround “theater.” All of this can be customized to meet the needs of your department or training program.

Regardless of size or complexity, every MILO system includes both skill-focused modes (with a variety of “firing range” and CGI live-action exercises) and customizable interactive HD video role-play scenarios. All systems support multiple trainees with multiple weapons. Skill-focused modes include real-time shot feedback and analysis, both static and moving targets, and over 60 exercises. HD video scenarios offer full emotional immersion with branching decisions and tools for after-action decision analysis and replay. Any system can be upgraded with firearm recoil kits, live-fire/laser options, shootback systems, and more. As a result, the tactical training that the officer receives in a MILO Range simulator will translate to real-life situations that require the use of force.

MILO solutions go beyond the simulation. Over and over again trainers and instructors report that the real value in their integrated, immersive use-of-force training solution is in the opportunities it creates to pinpoint exactly where their students are succeeding and falling short. MILO offers tools to facilitate after-action debriefing, analyze trainee performance, and create custom scenarios unique to your needs. We train your trainers to train your policy. As those policies change, so can your simulation.

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