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FAAC is the premier provider of fully-integrated simulation & training systems and related support services utilized by military, municipal, and commercial customers.

FAAC  began doing business in the simulation industry over 50 years ago. Customers include fire departments, police departments, major trucking companies, transit organizations, educational organizations, the U.S. military, and Government agencies. FAAC has sold over 800 full-task training devices installed at fixed locations or in trailers. We have an enviable record of supporting these products—many for 10 years.

Through the support of FAAC, its customers have implemented some of the most successful driver training programs in existence today.  Such programs have resulted in reduced intersection collisions by 50% and have produced significant savings in liability payouts. These are the numbers that can be proven; the number of near misses or lives saved is purely anecdotal but remarkably impressive.

Every system follows a standard production plan.  Once a purchase order is received, a project will be created and a Project Manager (PM) will be assigned. The PM will be the liaison between FAAC and the Buyer and will be the primary point-of-contact for the duration of the project. The PM will provide the Buyer with a project schedule to identify the key milestones and events that will require participation by the Buyer.  Delivery lead time for standard production systems is 90-120 days ARO.  Custom Systems take between 120-180 days ARO depending upon the level of customization and component requirements.

Your agency not only gets the best technology but also the peace-of-mind that the company will be here to support you through the continued life of your training program.  FAAC does more than just sell you a simulator; you are treated as a customer for life.

Technology Leader: FAAC is a pioneer in the driver simulation market and developed much of the technology seen in the products in the industry.  We will continue to be the leader in the industry through our ability to invest and develop state-of-the-art products.  FAAC was the first to develop dedicated products for the public safety markets and will continue to be a prominent supporter of Public Safety services.

#1 in Customer Support: FAAC has over 180 people in our organization; including full time hardware and software engineers, database modelers, scenario developers, trainers and service technicians.  FAAC develops and maintains ownership of our real-time software, which is not licensed from a third party, as is the case with other companies’ software.  FAAC’s standard support includes 24-hour phone support from “live” technicians, on-site repair visits, Internet/modem on-line diagnostics, and trouble-shooting capability, overnight shipment of parts, and flexible warranty programs.

#1 in Curriculum and Training: You have access to over 20 years of “hands-on” training on driving simulators.  FAAC’s on-staff subject matter specialists are experts in the art and science of simulation training. They have each been instrumental in furthering simulation training in public safety. Their experience is available to you through Train-the-Trainer programs.

Market Investment: FAAC’s support goes well beyond just the product.  FAAC provides you with the rare opportunity to join a customer network and knowledge sharing with your peers.  FAAC creates opportunities for your department to develop its capability by fostering vibrant customer continuing education programs.

A certified ISO 9001:2015 company:  FAAC’s management and development processes are based on the framework provided by ISO 9001:2015 quality standards and CMMI software processes.


Quality Commitment:

We are committed to satisfying our customers by:

  • continually improving our world-class simulation solutions,
  • fully understanding customer requirements
  • delivering on expectations, and
  • providing outstanding service after delivery.


FAAC’s Vehicle and Air Warfare Simulation Divisions are appraised at CMMI maturity level 3.

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