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FAAC Incorporated is the leader in simulation for training and research. Our high fidelity simulators provide an unmatched level of realism that immerses users allowing them to experience real-world conditions and events. This level of realism provides maximum learning retention and accurate data for research. These industry-leading simulation tools are combined with our engineers, subject matter experts, and trainers that provide support to our customers. We offer training simulators for industries ranging from police use of force and firearms training to transportation, to military. Our support structure is what sets us apart and we pride ourselves in not just providing the tools but the knowledge to leverage them in the most effective way possible.



The global coronavirus has presented a truly unprecedented situation affecting our families, our businesses, and our communities. I want to assure you that we place paramount importance on the health and safety of our employees, customers, and industry partners.

We are strictly following CDC recommendations and adhering to all federal, state, and local directives. This includes promoting social distancing and hand washing as the primary means of prevention. We have eliminated international travel and all non-mission critical domestic travel. We have directed that any meetings be conducted through remote channels. We are also assessing the health of our workforce as we ensure access to office sanitization products/services as required. Furthermore, we have afforded our employees the greatest flexibility to include alternative schedules and the ability to work remotely, as their positions allow. We will continue to monitor the situation and adjust our policy and procedures as necessary.

We are committed to protecting our workforce as we remain responsive to the needs of our customers as this dynamic situation evolves. We are making every effort to maintain the level of service and support you have come to expect from us as we face these challenges together.


Kurt A. Flosky
President, Arotech Training & Simulation



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Turnkey military simulation training solutions for combat and tactics

FAAC Use of Force

Use of Force

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The international standard for interactive use of force, tactical judgment training, and firearms training systems.

FAAC Public Safety

Public Safety

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Unmatched simulation training for Police, Fire and EMS professionals. Providing tools and training techniques that provide maximum learning retention.

FAAC Transportation


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Keeping transit training on the right track in providing fully immersive simulators that help train professionals to get their passengers safely to their destinations.


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Create limitless possibilities for your research environment with Realtime’s world class research driving simulators.

The FAAC Family

Having access to multiple divisions allows our teams to develop new ideas and stay on the cutting edge of technology. As a larger group we bring the highest level of support in the industry.

As leaders in simulation technology, we provide the hardware, software, and expertise needed to assist companies and institutions in developing training programs and research methods. Our goal is to provide (or improve) simulation fidelity regardless of the application, resulting in training and research excellence. We work with organizations to develop simulation training systems (or simulation research technology) based on an assessment of needs and available budget, ensuring that the customer always gets the right fidelity for the right cost. Whether your end user is a train operation student, police officer, or academic researcher, the simulation technology provided by FAAC can be tailored to suit your process and requirements.

With years of engineering experience, our team has set the industry standard for simulation technology. If your organization is focused on public safety, transportation, police training, military, or a variety of other scenarios, you can rest assured that FAAC has the expertise needed to develop not just the right simulator, but to also work with your trainers to ensure that it will be used effectively as part of your training process. We support organizations in developing and evolving their training method in order to continuously improve training outcomes.

But FAAC isn’t just limited to training applications. Our simulation technologies are also used in a variety of other scenarios ranging from automotive research to military applications. You can find FAAC technology onboard state-of-the-art aircraft, in academic research labs, and in many other contexts. So whether you’re developing simulation models for the automotive industry or making crucial technology decisions in the defense industry, FAAC has the expertise needed to take your simulation concept and turn it into a custom solution.