FAAC Leadership

Corporate Officers:


Kurt A. Flosky – President, Executive Management Committee Member

Mr. Flosky has been President since January 2015, after having spent the prior 10 years serving as Executive Vice President with ten additional years as a member of FAAC’s senior management team. He has been with the organization since 1990, with extensive experience in program management and business development within the training and simulation arena. Mr. Flosky holds an M.S and B.S. in aerospace engineering from the University of Michigan. As President, Mr. Flosky oversees and directs the company’s overall functioning to include implementing corporate policy and process to ensure quality and promote productivity. He is also responsible for preparing the corporate business plan, overarching corporate strategy, and annual goals.


Christopher J. Caruana – Executive Vice President, Executive Management Committee Member

Mr. Caruana is the Executive Vice President at FAAC, coordinating directly with the President regarding executive direction and monitoring company performance. Mr. Caruana is also responsible for overseeing internal operations and providing oversight of program execution for the company as a whole. Mr. Caruana has been with the organization since 1998, most recently serving as the Director of Major Programs and Program Manager for Air Warfare and Air Refueling Simulations. Mr. Caruana has extensive program management and engineering experience in the training and simulation arena. Mr. Caruana holds an M.S.E. and B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Michigan.


Chris Garvey – CFO

Mr. Garvey joined Arotech in May 2020 and has served as FAAC and Arotech CFO since 2022.  Prior to Arotech, Mr. Garvey was C.F.O. for a Tier 1 automotive supplier and Controller for a government contractor.  He also brings years of public accounting experience, primarily in manufacturing sectors, auditing and performing due diligence on both public and privately held companies.  Mr. Garvey holds a BA in Accounting from Hillsdale College and is a registered C.P.A. in the State of Michigan.


Executive Management Team:


David Bouwkamp Executive Director of Commercial BD, Executive Management Committee Member

Mr. Bouwkamp joined FAAC in 2006 as the Director of Business Development for the Commercial Division and a member of the Senior Management Team. Mr. Bouwkamp oversees the strategic planning and budget for the division, supervises marketing /sales staff, product development, and strategic partnerships. Mr. Bouwkamp received his B.S. in Finance from the Kelly School of Business at Indiana University. His experience in finance and entrepreneurship has been a positive influence in the management of the commercial division.


Jake Cook – Executive Director MILO Live, Executive Management Committee Member

Mr. Cook manages our MILO Live segment and is the senior executive at our Las Vegas, Nevada location.  Mr. Cook joined Shooting Range Industries (SRI), predecessor of MILO Live, in 1994 holding positions Shop Foreman, Production Manager, and Vice President. His 29 years of shooting range experience includes: business development, fabrication, manufacturing, structural welding, team leadership, purchasing, HVAC design, engineering and patented product development, and project management. Mr. Cook’s leadership of MILO Live, since the acquisition of SRI in 2020, has seen the delivery new innovative products, the capture of significant large range contracts, and significant growth, while maintaining the company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


Todd Glenn Executive Director of Military BD, Executive Management Committee Member

Mr. Glenn has been with FAAC as a Military Business Development Representative since 2006 and was named Director in January 2011. He directs a team of employees and consultants in marketing FAAC’s proven capabilities and coordinating with military customers in positioning the company to respond to customer training requirements. Prior to joining FAAC, Mr. Glenn spent 20 years in the Marine Corps as a Naval Flight Officer in F/A-18Ds. During the last 6 years prior to his military retirement, Mr. Glenn was Level III certified in Program Management and served in Defense procurement billets associated with Marine Corps Training Systems. He served as a Project Manager for the Marine Corps’ Program Manager for Training Systems, Fixed-Wing Aviation Liaison Officer for the Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division, and as a Deputy Program Manager, PMA-205 at NAVAIR Headquarters.


Randal Houston – Executive Director of Air Warfare Simulations, Executive Management Committee Member

Mr. Houston oversees all flight/weapon simulation contracts at FAAC. He is responsible for marketing, bid and proposal efforts, program conduct, and staffing. Mr. Houston also serves as Program Manager for the complete set of Zone Acquisition Process (ZAP) programs and the Joint Strike Fighter Airborne Missile Trajectory Event Modeler (AMTEM) programs. Mr. Houston has been with FAAC since 1990 and has worked on numerous Military Operations hardware modeling projects.


Wesley Lesch – Executive Director of Vehicle Simulation Operations, Executive Management Committee Member

Mr. Lesch is the Director of Vehicle Simulation Operations. He oversees programs, plans, schedules and manages the technical effort, and acts as customer liaison. Mr. Lesch was named Director in 2017.  Mr. Lesch started his career with FAAC in 2006. He demonstrated his capabilities by successfully planning, developing, architecting, and managing military customers’ programs, including acting as program manager for the Army’s Virtual Clearance Training Suite. With experience as a Program Manager both at FAAC and other companies, Mr. Lesch is positioned to ensure the Vehicle Simulation division’s continued success. Mr. Lesch holds degrees in both Computer Science and Mathematics from the University of Michigan.


Robert McCue – Executive Director of MILO, Executive Management Committee Member

Mr. McCue oversees MILO’s Live, Virtual, and Cognitive training segments. MILO is the judgement skills use of force training sector of the company encompassing virtual and live-fire training solutions. A founding member of the MILO Group, he has been with the company for almost two decades and has been in the simulation training industry since 1990. Prior to that, he served as an NCO in the US Army’s elite 75th Ranger Regiment, and he holds a degree in Public Administration from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. As General Manager of the MILO group, his responsibilities include business development, sales and marketing, and overseeing daily operations.


Management Team:


Christopher Cicotte Director of Hardware Production

Mr. Cicotte is responsible for the hardware and installation personnel, supply chain personnel and oversees all hardware related production efforts. Mr. Cicotte was appointed as Director of Hardware Production in February 2015. Before that promotion, he served as Corporate Production Manager from 2007 to 2015, Hardware Manager for KC-135 BOSS, VCTS, and CAPOST projects from 2009 to 2015, and Hardware Manager of transit products from 2002 to 2009. Mr. Cicotte joined FAAC in 2001 as the Purchasing Manager. Mr. Cicotte holds an M.S. in Engineering Management and B.B.A. in Supply Chain Management from Eastern Michigan University.


Derek Fulk – Commercial Vehicle Division Manager

Mr. Fulk is the Commercial Vehicle Division Manager, overseeing program management of commercial programs and coordinates with the Management Committee to monitor division performance and chart the course for product developments in the public safety, transit, civilian, and research arenas encompassing our public safety (fire/EMS/police) systems, transit (bus/rail) simulators, and research simulations.  Mr. Fulk joined the company in 2016, serving as project manager on many of the most significant commercial and research applications. Prior to FAAC, Mr. Fulk spent over 12 years as a research engineer managing a large team at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab (JHU/APL), a University Affiliated Research Center (UARC).  He was responsible for developing signal/image processing and data science algorithms for several applications to various research-oriented customers.  His team’s work is well renowned and is considered one of the country’s top machine learning research teams.  Mr. Fulk possesses an MBA from the University of Maryland, an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from The John Hopkins University, and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University.


Niko Kazakos – Director of Systems Engineering

Mr. Kazakos serves as FAAC’s Director of Systems Engineering, providing leadership to research and development activities for products and projects corporate-wide to advance FAAC simulation technology and solve our customer’s most difficult technical challenges. As co-chair of our commercial vehicle integrated product team, Mr. Kazakos is instrumental in establishing and realizing our vision for that product area. Mr. Kazakos has been with FAAC since 2006, fulfilling the roles of project development engineer, product manager, systems engineer, program manager, and most recently, Lead IRAD Engineer. Mr. Kazakos has led the hardware development of many of our simulators, including the LE-, ER-, and MB-Series of commercial products, the KC-135 BOSS, and our Military vehicle ODS products.  Mr. Kazakos holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Michigan Technological University.


Neil Moorman – Director of Information Technology and Facilities

Mr. Moorman has been the Director of Information Technology since he joined the company and added responsibilities for Facilities in 2019.  In this dual role, he is responsible for all internal Information Technology needs, including Cybersecurity, and oversight of corporate facility maintenance and improvements at corporate installations.  Prior to joining FAAC in 2015, Mr. Moorman held various IT roles within high tech manufacturing and product certification laboratory environments.  Mr. Moorman holds a BS in Computer Information Systems.


Angie Silver – Director of CLS (Contractor Logistics Support) & Warranty

Ms. Silver joined FAAC in 2012 as the Program Manager for CLS (Contractor Logistics Support) programs, leading the development of the CLS program company-wide.  She was named Director of CLS & Warranty in January 2022.  As Director,Ms. Silver overseas all aspects of our support systems and personnel at various military installations across the world.  She also manages the Customer Care team providing after-market services and extended warranty support to customers.  Ms. Silver has over 20 years of experience in managing maintenance and support teams in a wide range of industries.  Ms. Silver holds a Master of Science in Administration from Central Michigan University and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology from Lawrence Technological University. Ms. Silver also served for eight years in the Michigan National Guard and Army Reserve.


Kathryn Studer – Director of Contracts and Trade Compliance

Ms. Studer has served as the Director of Contracts and Trade Compliance since 2019.  In this role, she actively oversees and manages all contracts department activities and the licensing and compliance of FAAC’s products and services that are governed by the ITAR, EAR, and other U.S. trade regulations.  She also has primary contract responsibility for FAAC’s major military vehicle contracts.  Ms. Studer has served as Contracts Manager since 2005 after having been hired as FAAC’s first Contracts Administrator in 1990.  Prior to FAAC, Ms. Studer held Contracts Administration positions at other small companies specializing in military weapon production and simulation and machine vision technology.  She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and English from the University of Michigan.


Jamie Giltner – Director of Quality Assurance and Test

Mr. Giltner has been with FAAC since 1999 and was named Director in January 2024. His initial roles with the company included IT Manager, Systems Integrator for the Vehicle Simulator Division, and Service Technician for the Vehicle Simulator Division. In 2009, he was appointed Service Manager for the Vehicle Simulator Division, managing post-delivery support for up to 250 systems at over 100 sites globally. In 2022, Mr. Giltner joined our corporate team at Arotech as the ERP Operations Manager. As the Director of Quality Assurance and Testing at FAAC, Mr. Giltner oversees the corporate Quality Management System and testing practices, including our ISO 9001:2015 certification and CMMI Level 3 appraisal.


Content & Editorial Policy

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