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Launched by its industry-leading software, SimCreator, Realtime Technologies, has steadily constructed a software suite for its simulators like nothing else currently offered on the market. The vision for a real time simulation and modeling system ultimately lead to the development of a software lineup that now includes over 10 supporting programs. By providing end-to-end support, RTI serves the entire simulation environment. We offer simulation software applications, consulting services, custom engineering solutions, and software and hardware development. Our simulators are built-to-suit based on hardware and software specifications provided by the customer. By equipping the simulator in-house, RTI is able to offer customized solutions and endless possibilities.

Driving Simulation Research Simplified

Developing a driving simulation study can be grueling. Some studies can take months to develop and tune before a single participant has been recruited. The high cost of meetings, vetting, learning the software tools, the grindingly slow revision process—almost inevitably leads to a “sunk cost” mindset: possibly fruitful research avenues must be left unexplored because the cost of switching gears is deemed too high.

Realtime Technologies Inc. (RTI) is dedicated to removing all of that friction, eliminating “sunk costs,” and making a research course correction painless. For more than 20 years RTI has lead the industry in developing software and hardware tools for real time human-in-the-loop driver simulation and modeling. We offer software, hardware, consulting services, engineering solutions, and complete built-to-suit custom simulation software and hardware development.

A Software Suite Designed to Create and Capture Complex Driving Simulations

The centerpiece of our industry-leading driving simulation software suite is SimCreator DX. SimCreator DX is designed, from the ground up, for painless rapid prototyping by non-programmers—without limiting what power users can accomplish. Studies that once took close to a year to develop can now be entirely designed, developed, and debugged in weeks. This software retains the muscle of older “hand-coding” methods, but couples it to a completely graphical integrated development environment (IDE). With SimCreator DX, most studies can be created entirely in the graphical IDE, without writing (or even looking at) a single line of code.

Open Driving Simulation Research Platforms, Ready to Customize and Evolve

That said, this platform continues to be entirely open. It’s built around open standards–such as OpenDRIVE and OpenFlight–and ships with both C++ and JavaScript APIs for third-party integrations. Power users can always dig in and create precise and accurate models of any vehicle, behavior, or driving condition they can imagine.

SimCreator DX comes with the standard integrated Maneuver Designer IDE. This module gives you access to the underlying JavaScript code for each simulation behavior, so that you can customize any maneuver or create entirely new ones. Maneuver Designer has all the creature comforts familiar to programmers (including helper functions with autocomplete), making it nearly “guess-&-check.”

RTI offers several optional add-on software and hardware modules that mesh seamlessly with SimCreator DX. SimObserver Pro is a stand-alone synced multi-stream audio/video capture and after-action review system. RSCP (Remote Simulation Control Panel) is a tablet based control solution to start/stop and pause the simulator along with monitoring the status of the experiment. SimDriver is a fully automatous control module ideally suited for evaluating human interaction with automated vehicles in both city and freeway driving environments. SimADAS, a new product, also allows for highly automated vehicle functions available in many of today’s newer vehicles.

Your Driving Simulation Research Partner-for-Life

RTI is well known for customer service and end-to-end solution support. We don’t just sell equipment; we partner with researchers and institutions to develop their ideal vehicle and driver simulation solution–and we support that solution for as long as you need it.

Realtime Technologies Support


Realtime Technologies maintains a customer support hotline that is available from 8 am to 5 pm Monday – Friday.  All calls are handled by the trained engineering staff. The Realtime Technologies web forums, available at (RTI Forums) are also available to handle non-emergency situations.