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Pump Ops and Fire Scene Simulations 

Thanks to Pump Ops, you can train pump operators to flow foam without exposing them to its dangerous chemical components. Every day, more firefighting agencies—including air bases, airports, and aircraft rescue and firefighting teams—are using FAAC’s Pump Ops simulation system to improve their emergency training while increasing firefighter safety. Pump Ops fire training simulators train firefighters to handle flowing water and to mix and deliver foam, as well as deal with any possible pump fault state or failure.

Pump Ops provides a clear, safe fire training environment. It reinforces hands-on pump operation training for new and seasoned pump operators alike. Using fire simulations prevents equipment wear and tear and firefighter injury, as well as environmental impact. With Pump Ops, you can train in any weather, keep units in service, and reduce support personnel.

We can build Pump Ops units that are perfect facsimiles of your preferred firefighting equipment and environment: top-mount or side-mount with the same physical size, panel layout, and OEM gauges, switches, and other hardware.

Simulators emulate water or foam delivered in a variety of concentrations, spray settings, and branch types. Pump Ops provides a “sequential approach” to multifaceted tasks. Trainees don’t just learn by-the-book operations, but instead practice understanding the “real” situation—including the impact of hose configuration, managing water sources, water flow, friction coefficients, foam concentration—while responding to radio communication and changing conditions.

Pump Ops integrates with other simulators, including fire vehicle driving, command and control procedures, and hose operations. Your whole team gets real hands-on training without taking any equipment out of service, risking firefighter safety, or paying for a single bucket of concentrated AFFF. But our simulations don’t just recreate AFFF and water—they train firefighters in all of the facets of safe field operation of a pump engine. 

Top Mount Pump Ops Simulator

PO-1000-TM  System Features:

• Modular unit built into a free-standing cabinet
• A mixture of authentic components and LCD displays
• Multiple pump, nozzle, hose configurations
• The “inner” workings of the panel are simulated through software
• Active student assessment forms

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Side Mount Pump Ops Simulator

PO-1000-SM System Features:

• Modular unit built into a free-standing cabinet
• A mixture of authentic components and LCD displays
• Multiple pump, nozzle, hose configurations
• The “inner” workings of the panel are simulated through software
• Active student assessment forms

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Optional Upgrades

Upgrade Options for both the Top and Side Mount:

• 2-Stage pump
• Trident AirPrime ®
• Dump tank operations/student view
• Radio/intercom kit

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Instructor Operator Station

The simulation is controlled via an Instructor Operator Station (IOS). The IOS is a touch-screen menu-driven interface. The IOS allows the instructor to control the simulation, set conditions/faults, and monitor performance in advance or while an evolution is running.

The IOS Primary Functions:

• Set hose configuration
• Select an evolution
• Monitor progress of an evolution
• Insert malfunctions
• Setting options and other values
• Student performance assessment and reports

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Part of a Continuum of Training

FAAC’s Continuum of Training is a complete set of training simulators and scenarios for firefighters and first responders. Any simulator can stand alone or multiple networked simulation systems can work together to create an immersive training setting. Your entire team can experience the same immersive simulation, one that includes pump operations as well as fire driving and operation, incident command, and even hands-on firefighting using state-of-the-art VR technology. FAAC’s Continuum of Training recreates the physical and emotional environment of all kinds of complex emergency scenarios that first responders face.

Each customizable evolution can include a variety of apparatus, vehicles, settings (e.g., airports, railways, industrial areas, city streets, single- or multi-family dwellings, bridges and roadways, etc.) and a range of weather conditions. Each can be modified by the trainer at any time to meet the unique needs of each class of firefighters. A trainer can change the weather and visibility mid-scenario or take joystick control of pedestrians, animals, or onlookers to simulate the many ways a real incident scene can be unpredictable.

The Continuum of Training system makes hands-on practical training safe, cost-effective, and dynamic.

Modular Systems for a Custom & Comprehensive Firefighting Training Solution

We invest time in understanding your fire house upfront, then work closely with your team to develop and deliver the best training solution. We’ll help you find the best way to integrate this custom solution into your training procedures and support you in maintaining and evolving this solution as your policies and challenges inevitably change over time. We don’t just sell equipment; we partner with agencies and their instructors to develop their ideal training solution.

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Pump Ops is a simulation training device that provides a hands-on, immersive experience in the operation of an apparatus pump. This simulator exposes the trainee to various evolving situations that they can interact with in a safe classroom environment. Pump Ops provides training that cannot be duplicated safely using real apparatus. This saves wear and possible damage to firefighting apparatus.

Fire Pump Operator Simulator