real experience

Real Experience

Expertise and Experience

For over 50 years FAAC has provided systems engineering, software products, and simulation training to the U.S. government and private industry. We take a hands-on approach to develop our solutions, conducting tactical land and air combat analyses, and developing analytical models and simulations. The result is turnkey training systems for law enforcement, governmental and commercial clients to a large customer base in twenty countries around the world.

We provide the highest level of customer support and service to all our current and future customers, and continually improve and expand our products, capabilities, and quality while providing a superior immersive training experience. Our training program works with the brightest, among the best, subject matter experts, to bring their years of professional experience and mastery to you and your training program.

In addition to our expertise and experience, we exert ourselves to establish a unique, lifetime relationship with our customers. We respect the professionals and the markets we serve. Our company resources are experts who build solutions and provide education and mentorship, with integrity, advocacy, and dedication. Our hardware is durable today and expandable tomorrow. Our support is a valuable relationship that is accessible, active and continuous.

We’ve built our success by staying true to our commitment to the principles of customer satisfaction, concern for our employees, business integrity and community involvement. We consistently deliver on time and on budget, and we continually strive to improve our ability to develop the highest quality products and solutions.