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Controlled Response to Crisis Situations

If you want to de-escalate a situation, you first need to de-escalate yourself. But it’s hard to build those skills if your police firearm training is limited to the range and shoot house. That’s why MILO’s custom immersive police firearm training solution takes police firearm training a step further, enabling law enforcement to have a controlled response in any situation which may require the use of a firearm or other deadly force.

A System that Goes Beyond Firearm Training

MILO has developed a range of products to prepare your officers for the unexpected with live-fire and simulation training that they require for decision-making skills while in the field. Our simulation products engage officers to make verbal directives with action capture playback video to critique his/her performance. Our ReadyRange Law Enforcement live-fire training system affords you the opportunity to execute an intense live-fire training regimen on a range of your own in a high-quality training environment with virtually no training constraints or distractions. Additionally, when equipped with the MILO firearms training simulator, the ReadyRange accommodates scenario-based judgmental training and marksmanship skill-building exercises.

MILO simulation training systems go beyond marksmanship and firearm training. This isn’t just a “police firearm training system” or a simple “use-of-force” and force-options simulator; it is a “human interaction simulator.” The focus isn’t just on shooting, because the use of an officer’s firearm won’t always be the right choice for the situation. Instead, MILO offers scenario-based police training that requires the trainee to choose the appropriate tactic, whether or not that requires the use of a weapon. While marksmanship will always be of the utmost importance, police officers’ decision-making ability is often even more crucial to maintaining public safety.

While MILO’s Virtual solutions have “skill-focused” modes that are akin to a very advanced firing range, the HD video scenarios offer a depth and breadth of police skills training otherwise unavailable. These are fully emotionally immersive role-playing simulation scenarios, shot in high-definition video, featuring branching decision trees. Every HD scenario both the standard library and those custom produced for your law enforcement agency can be run in an interactive low-light/flashlight conditions. Training can be performed on a handgun, rifle, shotgun, or even using TASER or pepper spray.

With MILO officers have an opportunity to exercise every facet of use of force from fine-tuning their presence and tone of voice to employing specific de-escalation or force options.  Throughout every scenario, the instructor can make adjustments to hone their student’s judgment and skills (be they tactical, judgment, or communication). As a result, officers will be better equipped to judge when the use of a firearm is necessary, or if opportunities to de-escalate without the use of a weapon may be possible.

Police Firearm Training Range

Training your Trainers to Train your Policy

Over and over again trainers and instructors report that the real value in their immersive use-of-force training simulator is that it allows officers to zero in on the often subtle opportunities to de-escalation in a way that might not require the use of deadly force. An immersive simulation also makes it possible to fully explore every ramification of each force option or tactic. We train your trainers to train your policy. As those policies change, so will your simulation.

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Police Firearm Training Solution

We invest time in understanding your needs and policies upfront, then work closely with your team to develop and deliver the appropriate training solution. We’ll help you find the best way to integrate this custom solution into your training procedures, and support you in maintaining and evolving this solution as your policies and challenges inevitably change over time. We don’t just sell equipment; we partner with agencies and their instructors to develop their ideal police firearm training solution.

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