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Road safety research saves lives

Erratic drivers, roadway congestion, bicyclists, unpredictable pedestrians, a deer leaping out of the fog and into traffic are just some of the many casualties that can occur on the road. More than 4 million Americans are killed or injured each year in roadway mishaps.  In order to understand how drivers react in the heat of the moment, researchers need tools to safely and reproducible put drivers in those serious and often deadly situations. Realtime Technologies works with researchers to create a model of road safety hazards, allowing them to simulate a variety of traffic conditions and driver behavior that can affect the likelihood of a crash.

Road Safety Simulation with SimCreator

Realtime Technologies partners with researchers to create complete SimCore hardware/software vehicle dynamics modeling solutions.  These range from our standard RDS-500 vehicle simulator (designed and built for cost-conscious researchers using off-the-shelf components) to custom mock-up vehicles accurately emulating current or future production vehicles or concepts.

All of the software elements of your road safety simulation solution are controlled through SimCreator, our real-time simulation, and modeling system.  Through its graphical interface, you can easily configure and coordinate the vehicles, dynamics, environments, monitoring, and driver feedback in your simulation even tweaking the simulation as it runs, adding or removing obstacles, adverse weather, and lighting conditions, changing traffic behavior, or manually controlling pedestrians and other vehicles.

SimCreator DX, allows you to define built-in critical events (called “maneuvers“; examples include ambient traffic, ambient pedestrians, animals, freeway, parked car, and bicyclists). The ability to include standard and custom maneuvers in any scenario adds to the realism and tests the driver’s ability to react in serious situations.

Going Beyond Basic Road Safety and Traffic Simulation

Depending on your research needs and simulation requirements, SimCreator and SimCreator DX can be supplemented with:

  • SimObserver a video capture system that can include driver eye tracking
  • SimDriver an autonomous interaction simulation software

SimCreator’s modular, scalable software smoothly integrate with other software packages and can be scaled and modified over time as your research expands or changes direction.  Up to 10 driving research simulators can be simultaneously networked using SimConnect, creating a rich, naturalistic environment in which many human drivers are interacting with the same scenario.


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Distracted Driving Simulation Research Feature

Road Safety Challenges

New technology will always present new safety challenges to the safety of all road users. From the emergence of self-driving vehicles to policies restricting the use of cell phones behind the wheel, simulation can help research teams determine the impact that these changes have on risk. As leaders in the simulation field, Realtime has mastered the various disciplines required to model all aspects of road safety, from traffic flow to intersection traffic lights. Contact us to learn how our expertise can help you in advancing the state of vehicle safety.

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Road Safety Simulation Customer-for-Life

We invest time in understanding your research needs, and policies upfront, then work closely with your team to develop and deliver the appropriate road safety research solution.  We’ll help you find the best way to integrate this custom solution into your procedures, and support you in maintaining and evolving this solution as your work inevitably changes over time.

We don’t just sell equipment; we partner with researchers and institutions to develop their ideal tool for automotive safety research. With years of experience creating simulations for the transport industry, Realtime Technologies is uniquely positioned to model the different factors that can affect safety, and allow for deep analysis. Special attention can be paid to the safety of vulnerable road users, such as people with disabilities or the elderly, in order to reduce the rate of injury or fatalities on the road.

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