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Train to Facilitate Successful Re-entry.

The corrections sector of public safety has a unique series of missions and requires a highly trained workforce with a unique skill set. However, according to the National Institute of Justice, correctional departments and facility leadership, particularly those running prisons, jails, and similar facilities, must deal with severe workforce challenges that directly impact in-custody/corrections mission performance. Challenges include recruitment, selection, and retention of correctional officers—but the fundamental challenge involves providing appropriate and effective corrections officer and prison guard training.


Corrections officers and detention officers staff members need to be a highly skilled security force, in order to keep those in correctional facilities and their surrounding communities safe. They also need to be highly skilled in face-to-face interactions, supporting incarcerated individuals for their preparation to become successful, law-abiding citizens upon re-entry. The training needs of the corrections sector of public safety are complex.

Clarify the Mission.

Prison guards and corrections and detention officers must operate differently than police, as their missions are different. As successful rehabilitation and re-entry is the ultimate goal, inflexible military-style training is counterproductive in the complex world of corrections. Corrections officers and trainees need complete, comprehensive, and ongoing interactive training on interpersonal content including effective face-to-face interactions, de-escalation skill-building, and effective mental health response—training that goes far beyond basic training tactical choices or physical techniques, and instead allows each Corrections/In-Custody officer to make decisions that maximize safety for all stakeholders.

Corrections/In-Custody Simulation

MILO’s Corrections and In-Custody scenarios have been instrumental in meeting the training needs of Corrections Officers charged with overseeing and participating in the custody, security, prison transport, and physical and emotional treatment of prisoners or detainees in correctional facilities, including major institutions, camps, probation, and halfway houses, and correction re-entry or detention centers. The training scenarios are specifically designed to train Corrections Officers and Trainees on comprehensive and effective face-to-face interactions and de-escalation skills.


Examples of corrections/in-custody situations include:

  • In-cell suicide attempt
  • Yard/cell/chow hall disruption
  • Hostage situation
  • Prisoner mental health response
  • Transportation safety
  • Therapy session disruption
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Police In-Custody/Corrections Training Solutions

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