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Effectively Prepare Your Operators for the Transition to Electric Bus

The federal government is committed to a mass transit future that runs on batteries. Getting there hinges on workforce development, helping new and existing operators adapt to the strengths and limitations of electric bus technology. FAAC is already supplying bus driving simulators equipped with the hardware, software, vehicle dynamics modeling, and scenarios that transit operators need to make the leap to electric bus operations.

FAAC electric bus training simulators are fully customizable and available in both open-cab and closed-cab designs. All our sims offer a wide, geometrically correct field-of-view (up to 340 degrees), realistic dash controls, and optional motion system. Full-cab simulators can be built to precisely match your fleet, including working physical mirrors and real OEM gauges and hardware. Sims can be dynamically reconfigured to accurately model the vehicle dynamics and behaviors of a wide range of traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) and zero-emissions (ZEB) transit vehicles.

Our included library of scripted scenarios covers the full range of tasks similar to those outlined in the Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT) requirements. Transit driving, judgment, situational awareness, and electric bus operations situations are not only available, but Instructors can also build their own custom scenarios that address challenges and concerns unique to your routes or community.

FAAC Full Cab Bus Simulator | MB 2000

FAAC Full Cab Bus Simulator | MB 2000

Electric Bus Simulator Training with VITALS

Every FAAC Transit electric bus simulator has VITALS made available to it. The Virtual Instructor/Trainee Assessment & Learning System). VITALS is an interactive assessment tool that records training performance and allows the instructor to forecast student performance behind the wheel. This system includes the VITALS Regen Dashboard for electric bus, a unique training feature that graphs and maps how the trainee’s driving behavior impacts ebus performance and range on a scenario-by-scenario basis. No other training system on the market gives trainees, instructors, and agencies this level of insight into the interaction between operator behavior, driving conditions, route layout, and vehicle performance.

More than simply a “score sheet,” VITALS acts as an interactive playbook for the instructor. It helps them develop custom curricula for each trainee based on recognized best practices, agency policy, and that trainee’s specific strengths and areas of improvement.

Interior of MB 2000 bus operator simulator

Better Bus Driving Simulation Tools, More Effective Bus Driver Training

The MB 2000 bus driver training system has a fully modeled cab with authentic controls (either generic, or customized to precisely match the vehicle in your fleet). The multi-screen high-definition display system provides a geometrically correct 330º field-of-view. Real physical mirrors give operators authentic practice with one of the most challenging aspects of piloting a large vehicle. The MB 1000 offers many of the same advantages and capabilities on a more economical platform.

Either can be customized to match your fleet and train the operators of almost any transit vehicle. Every simulator comes with pre-programmed lessons that emphasize correct mirror usage, proper handling of temporary visual obstructions, managing pivot points, and other critical training objectives. FAAC’s programmable simulation software supports a completely customizable mix of traffic densities and behaviors, weather conditions, and more, all of which can be adjusted by the instructor in real-time.

But the technology is only half the solution. Over and over again, our customers find that the real value in an integrated, immersive bus driver simulation training solution is in the opportunities it creates for trainers to pinpoint exactly where their students are succeeding and falling short, and prepare them for both everyday tasks and low-frequency, high-risk events.


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Bus Driver Training Customer-for-Life

FAAC embraces a “Customer for Life” philosophy. We invest the time up front to understand your needs, then develop and deliver the appropriate turn-key solution. We’ll help you find the best way to integrate this custom solution into your training processes, and support you in maintaining and evolving this solution as your needs change over time.

We don’t just sell simulators; we partner with companies, agencies, and their drivers and instructors to develop and create the ideal training solution.

VITALS goes beyond scoring to help instructors consistently train to best practice and agency policy:

VITALS records every action the student takes during the simulated drive: audio and video of the trainee behind the wheel, braking/acceleration actions, steering, curb kicks, response to traffic signals, etc. The system annotates the timeline, tracking trainee actions in color-coded zones so the trainee can see their progress at a glance. The impact their driving behavior has on battery state-of-charge is separately graphed in the VITALS Regen Dashboard. During the after-action review, the instructor can step through the color-coded timeline with the trainee, reviewing the scenario conditions from a variety of points of view (behind-the-wheel, overhead, roadside, etc.), so the trainee can objectively assess the interaction of driving/traffic/environmental conditions and their own driving decisions. The student practices the corrected behavior, re-driving the scenario and variations on that scenario. Once all actions are complete, the colored zones will turn green; trainees can easily track their progress.

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The MB 2000 Bus Simulator is the highest-fidelity simulator available for training transit bus operators. This fully customizable system provides a true-to-life experience that prepares operators for real-life driving environments.

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