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Ambulance Driver & EMS Training Simulators

FAAC Ambulance Driving Simulators

FAAC offers ambulance driving simulators that provide hands-on training for ambulance drivers in simulated emergency situations. The ambulance simulator can expose the trainee to a variety of emergency scenarios that require skillful driver operation of the ambulance, whether it’s rushing a paramedic EMS team to the scene of a car accident, or safely driving a patient to the hospital.

Ambulance Driving Simulators

The Fire/EMS driver trainer simulators are proven to reduce accidents and increase intersection analysis skills. A host of distinctive features work together to create a comprehensive virtual reality, complete with a variety of realistic conditions, that greatly enhance the effectiveness of ambulance driver education and provide the student with experience that translates from the classroom to the field. FAAC uses state-of-the-art simulation technology to replicate the experience of driving an ambulance, without missing any of the details. Inside our simulators you’ll find a realistic steering mechanism, siren, and even an HVAC unit for a comfortable time inside the training environment. Unlike a run-of-the-mill sim training app, a FAAC ambulance simulator is built with the extra care and attention to detail that allows the student to experience the drive in higher fidelity, all with the goal of improving driver training in a real-life rescue situation.

Education through simulation is a core focus of FAAC. We have years of experience working with instructors and students, and have designed simulators for ambulances, trucks, cars, and a plethora of other vehicles. We know that safe driving is a top priority for any EMS / EMT team, so we take the time to ensure that our ambulance simulators meet the highest standards of ambulance driver training programs. In an emergency situation, the impact of driver training cannot be understated. Our vision is that simulation technology can train drivers to operate effectively in any scenario, and enable them to perform under stress.

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"We are very excited about the delivery of our FAAC Police Pursuit Driver Training Systems and are looking forward to the training this will provide for our officers. The research and acquisition process involved with the Police Pursuit Driver Training Simulators within the state of California has been complicated and arduous for everyone concerned. I would like to commend the commitment your company has made to this program and the extra effort and quality service. Your dedication to providing a quality product is earning respect among law enforcement agencies throughout this area."
Paul M. Walters, Chief of Police Santa Ana PD