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Are Your Vehicle Operators Road Ready?

Mass transit driving has always been a tough job. If drivers aren’t adequately prepared to handle challenges, staff retention rates can suffer. According to a report from the American Public Transportation Association, more than 90 percent of all agencies surveyed faced transit operator shortages—and 84 percent of those agencies reported that staffing shortages were preventing them from providing full service.

How will your mass transit and commercial drivers handle daily challenges like inclement weather, snarled traffic, inattentive drivers and pedestrians, and disruptive passenger behavior? With FAAC’s advanced, responsive, immersive driver training simulators, your training program will build basic skills and improve safety without the costs and liability of on-the-road vehicle training. Commercial vehicle and transit simulators give drivers experience operating trucks, buses, rail, and airport vehicles, in a wide variety of conditions. FAAC’s flexible training solutions include vehicle modeling and dynamics to prepare operators for the latest mass-transit technology, such as zero-emission bus (ZEB). With these simulators, your drivers will be well prepared to operate vehicles of today and tomorrow.

Transportation and Transit Training Simulators for Every Need

FAAC offers several options for bus and truck driver education. The MB-1000 Open Cab Bus Simulator, MB-2000 Closed Cab Bus Simulator, custom bus training simulators, the Mobile Bus Training Unit, and Paratransit Driver Training Sims prepare students for all bus operations. Similarly, FAAC’s truck driving sims include options for open cab sims, custom truck training simulators, a mobile training unit, and even a snowplow driving sim. With FAAC’s training solution, you can use a single sim to prepare drivers to operate any vehicle in your fleet.

Transitioning to new zero-emissions technology requires both an introduction to the technology and a realistic training experience. The MB 2000 simulator has genuine ZEB vehicle modeling, which provides students first-hand experience driving these types of buses before they hit the road.

All FAAC bus and truck sims offer the benefits of training at any hour, in any weather, with no risk to equipment, workers, passengers, or the community. An authentic dash, instrument panel, driver’s seat configuration, and TrueFeel force feedback steering (with camber recovery modeling, and haptic simulation of tire scrub, curb strikes, and road vibration) give students a real-feel driving opportunity.

Students learning light rail operation will benefit from training sims like LR-1000 (open cab) and the LR-2000 (closed cab). With its 4K UHD field-of-view capability, realistic dash controls, and two-way communication allowing the student to talk with instructors, these light rail sims offer the most technologically advanced training in the industry. FAAC simulators are fitted with genuine components and gauges to ensure that students’ training cab experience is the same as they’ll encounter on the job.

Improve Safety for Operators and Passengers with the RESPONSE Situational Simulator

Agencies receiving federal transit funds to serve large urban areas must comply with a risk reduction program to improve operator and community safety by reducing accidents, injuries, and assaults on transit workers. FAAC’s immersive Transit Response sims are a valuable element of such a program.

The Transit Response Situational Simulator (an element of FAAC’s Continuum of Training) combines driving and customer response in a single training session. It bridges the gap between classroom learning and real-life experience. Response comes pre-loaded with a complete library of training scenarios for transportation operators. These highly realistic branching scenarios allow the instructor to challenge and prepare mass transit operators to address passenger and safety issues, making on-the-spot decisions in real time while maintaining safe vehicle operations. Any FAAC simulator can include the optional Transit Response module.

Check Your VITALS for Longterm Planning and Immediate Training Feedback

The most effective training programs offer tools for on-the-spot assessment and feedback, as well as structured after-action review. Every FAAC transit sim comes with VITALS, the Virtual Instructor Trainee Assessment and Learning System. This graphical assessment tool is not just a score sheet. VITALS acts as an interactive playbook for the instructor. It helps them develop custom curricula for each trainee based on recognized best practices, agency policy, and that trainee’s specific strengths and areas of improvement. As operators prepare to handle a growing fleet of zero-emissions vehicles, the feedback of VITALS (which includes dynamic state-of-charge simulation for ZEBs and BEVs) will be even more crucial to get both new and experienced drivers up to speed on new technology and improve on-the-road safety.

With FAAC You Are a Customer For Life

Every FAAC solution is custom, but our goal is always the same: to balance your training objectives with your budget to craft the most emotionally realistic, educationally effective program possible.

We invest time in understanding your needs upfront, then work closely with your team to develop, deliver, and integrate this custom solution into your training processes and support you in maintaining and evolving this system as your needs change over time.

Ready to get started on your custom transit training solution? Contact us today—our experts are ready to discuss your needs.

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      "Our data collection spoke for itself, a decrease of 69.23% in accidents for those Operators trained on the simulator."
Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority (LYNX)