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Building World Class Driving Simulators for Your Research

Realtime Technologies (RTI) SimCore driving simulator was designed to easily integrate into research environments. Realtime’s SimCreator, SimVehicle, and SimSimulator are the building blocks for the SimCore driving simulator and provide the user an environment they can easily immerse themselves in. SimForce can be added to the SimCore driving simulator to provide control loaded steering, delivering real road feedback into the steering system. Additionally, SimCore provides an opportunity for autonomous driving with SimDriver, motion control with Over Tilt, and video capture with SimObserver.

Research Simulator Products

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The realism you feel from driving in the simulator is not only from the visual systems but also from the feedback that you get from the steering wheel. The vehicle dynamics are modeled very accurately. It really does feel like it is state-of-the-art technology.

Jason Rogers, University of Florida, Computer Applications Coordinator

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