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SimCreator DX: Next Generation User Interface

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Easy for beginners, Ready for Power Users

A simplified and customizable user interface environment to create complex, custom multi-body driving scenarios-without writing a line of code.

Included Components of SimCreatorDX:

SimVista, a tile-based scene, and scenario authoring system

Maneuver Designer, a  tool for researchers to program their own maneuvers in addition to those provided with SimCreator DX.


Available Plug-ins for SimCreator DX:

SimADAS, a separate software module that allows for various levels of automation of the ownship vehicles. Features cover SAE level 1 and 2 of driving automation, fully customizable, adjustments to meet OEM specifications

SimDriver, a transfer-of-vehicle-control solution used for the evaluation of human interaction with automated vehicles in both city and freeway driving environments.

SimObserver, a video capture, and review system to record digital video and real-time data from multiple independent sources.

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Benefits of SimCreator DX

SimCreator DX is designed from the ground up, for painless rapid prototyping by non-programmers-without limiting what power users can accomplish. Something that used to take a couple of hours to code now takes seconds with the power of maneuvers.

• Rapid scenario development
• No programming experience needed
• Easy-to-use interface
• Customizable scenario behavior
• Full support for OpenDRIVE
• Multiple experiment capability



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Drag and Drop Maneuvers, Real-time Results

In SimCreator DX, you create an experiment, which is a collection of scenarios all related to the same study. Each scenario is populated by maneuvers (situations your participant will need to deal with with-from drunk drivers and traffic congestion to weather conditions.)


• Ambient pedestrians
• Ambient traffic
• Basic traffic lights
• Audio cues
• Real-time weather and time of day
• Bicycle interaction
• Cut-off from the right
• Emergency vehicle interaction
• Oncoming vehicles
• Parked cars
• Run red light
• SmartCross
• Traffic jam
• Advanced traffic light behavior
• Clearance hazards
• Construction zone


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SimCreator DX is the next generation user interface that allows you to design your experiments and collect data more rapidly.


SimCreator DX