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Scripting Services Department

The call came in late Tuesday evening.

Another collision at that dangerous intersection on Montclair Avenue. This time two civilians and two crew members were transported to St. Bonaventure Hospital with injuries.

This needs to be fixed, and the driver training simulator is the key. I can make exactly what I need with FAAC’s Scenario Toolbox, but I just don’t have the time to make one myself. I need to have the reconstruction scenario of that collision by the end of the week, when we begin the new driver training class, and I am too busy right now with all my other job duties.

Paul W.


FAAC’s Scripting Services Department was created as a quick response service to meet the needs of instructors in the field. Our nimble scripting techs can quickly convert your latest / most common / most serious driving issues into a standardized, repeatable scenario with which you can begin training.

Scripted driving scenarios unlock the power of the simulator. They create a high-risk driving event in the safe confines of a training room. High-risk traffic situations can be driven in the simulator, analyzed by the instructor and student, then re-driven to reinforce whatever instruction is given.

It is a powerful and immediate knowledge transfer.

The Scripting Services Department now is available to develop targeted, powerful driving exercises for customers on a fee basis to benefit their driver training programs and keep a fresh vibrancy in their program’s curriculum.

“A scenario that reconstructs an actual collision brings a powerful and serious gravity to the training session,” said Content Developer Mike McLelland. “Real-life scenarios ring truer to your agency’s personnel because they probably already have heard about the incident. The instructor can take students through the real events leading up to the crash, put them in the same situation, have them drive the scenario, then discuss what happened. Students take away a very powerful interactive learning experience.”

The Scripting Services Department techs can build scenarios based on the number of moving elements. Scripts can range from simple confidence-building events to complex rush-hour type service calls.

If customers want to take advantage of scripting services, they submit a request then work with a FAAC technician to custom-craft the exact scripted driving exercise they desire.

Many agencies use simple scripted driving exercises to build student confidence with a particular vehicle and practice motor skill development. Complex scripts often are used to teach and practice judgment and decision-making techniques.


FAAC’s re-creation of the traffic events that lead up to that collision were remarkably lifelike and accurate. They re-created the scene to a T. This enabled me to instruct both our young and our veteran drivers on the circumstances that tragically took the life of one of our senior officers, and to help ensure that this specific traffic incident does not happen again.

Paul W.