User Conference

The FAAC User Conference

Questions answered.
Friendships formed.
Confidence gained.
Results achieved.


Simulator instructors sometimes feel like they are on islands and have no one with whom to share and learn. They ask questions like:

• How do I teach basic driving instruction with this?
• How do I convince my veteran drivers this thing works?
• How do I integrate this into my existing driver training curriculum?
• How do I achieve results, and then measure them?
• How do I make my simulator training program a success?

All of these are appropriate questions, and all can be answered by your peers at FAAC’s User Conference.

FAAC recognizes this potential anxiety, and as part of its Customer for Life philosophy has created an event open to all simulator instructors as a peer-to-peer informational exchange. The idea is that as all the islands come together they form a continent.

The FAAC User Conference is filled with workshops, presentations, group discussions, hands-on interactive sessions, and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing.

FAAC personnel plan the schedule of events based on input from customers on what they would like to see. Past conference sessions have included:

• Scenario Toolbox: Sharpening Your Script Development Skills
• New Simulator Instructor Boot Camp
• Validating Your Simulator Program
• Correcting Common Collision Types with Simulation
• Powerful Student Interaction Techniques
• Audience Q & A with FAAC Subject Matter Exerts

The user conference is a way for FAAC to help customers, after the sale, to ensure their programs’ success. The ideas, innovations, techniques, and strategies learned at the conference have sustained and lifted many training programs for ongoing success.