FAAC Simulators Reduce Insurance Costs for Texas Counties Driving Simulator for County Employees

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TEXAS — Grayson County employees got some special training today to make them safer on the job. The Texas Association of Counties brought their driving simulator to Sherman so county employees could work with a trained staff. The simulator imitated driving a 60,000 pound dump truck and a patrol car.
County officials say the simulator is at no cost for the county and actually lowers the amount they have to pay for insurance and workers compensation.
Johnny Waldrip/Grayson County Commissioner says, “Through this safety training, we were able to reduce the accident rates and protect our employees as well as the public.”
Don Courtney/Texas Association of Counties says, “People get to see their habits and actually, I’ll see people later on down the road at a conference or come back to the county a few years later and they’ll say, “You know Don, I had that same thing almost happen to me.”

The simulator makes a stop in Grayson County once a year.