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Using MILO to Train Resilience and Empathy

MILO simulators are designed to help your agency accomplish its most challenging and complex training tasks, and in today’s policing environment, that means including officer wellness, resilience, and empathy. By providing an individual, engaging, and immersive Virtual Reality environment for trainees, instructors can ensure trainees are calm, focused, and prepared for not only the scenario-based training but also for the remainder of their day.

Policing in the modern era demands emotionally intelligent and resilient officers. In turbulent times, a reactive and politicized media environment can make it increasingly difficult for officers in the field to maintain their composure under the intensities of their job. This is largely due to the compound stress on the autonomic nervous system, remaining on high-alert or “5-alarm fire” mode going from one high-stress situation to another. With cortisol effect and no time to disengage the sympathetic response, officers are often primed for crisis continuously throughout their shift, often taking that state of alert home with them.

MILO training simulators take a holistic approach and incorporate technology tools that improve self-awareness and focus, helping develop officer wellness and resiliency by combining academic research and the most advanced technology available. With “The Last Maestro™”—a groundbreaking, research-based, virtual reality resilience training platform, law enforcement agencies can train police officers and military personnel in empathy and resilience through the power of immersive technology.

Trainee-Centered Resilience Experiences Work in Conjunction with MILO Range Simulators

Unlike passive mindfulness training, Maestro’s Virtual Reality training actively primes the brain by engaging all four systems of learning—cognitive, emotional, experiential, and behavioral, allowing trainees to disrupt the sympathetic (fight or flight) response before, during, and after training events and stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, restoring first responders to a composed state before returning to duty.

Training with Maestro forms new neural networks in the brain, linked to emotions and behaviors that police and military members often subconsciously suppress. This method of empathy-based emotional learning applies a mental-health and wellness approach to high-stress performance in organizations like police departments, where mindfulness-based interventions are neither effective nor practical. By using a fun, engaging, and private space for reflection and self-compassion, virtual reality makes officer wellness a priority without the stigma of other less effective treatments.

Practice Fostering Resiliency

When used before, during, or after MILO scenario-based training, The Last Maestro enables officers to practice fostering resiliency by accessing and building upon their reservoir of emotional, mental, psychological, and spiritual resilience through brief, powerful experiences eliciting a healing emotional response. An immersive Virtual Reality visual engages the participant’s autonomic and somatic nervous systems, while gamification keeps the individual focused on the experience and reduces the chance that they will remain focused on their existing trauma and stress conditioners.

The result is a comprehensive soldier and officer fitness—a resilient law enforcement professional who responds to interactions with empathy, resilience, mindfulness, and experiences increased positive mental health with less chance for long- and short-term post-traumatic effects.

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Resilience Training Solutions

Instructors often report that the real value in MILO’s immersive, simulation-based resilience training is in the psychologically safe space it offers for trainees to process, self-reflect, and build their empathetic capacity. Develop your officers even further with advanced resilience and empathy training powered by Maestro Games, SPC.

Former and active first responders, along with PhD-level industry researchers, guide the development and production process for all of our resilience and empathy scenarios. These experiences are a reflection of research and current events that can manifest in your communities—not mindfulness games drawn from an unrealistic and politicized worldview of your reality.

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