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Realistic environments provide real experience. FAAC’s responsive, immersive railway simulation solutions create vivid, compelling virtual environments proven effective in improving operator’s critical judgment and command of railway protocols and processes.

FAAC’s LR 2000 light railway simulator is a full-scale customized replica featuring compartments mounted on six-degree-of-freedom motion bases, and outfitted with authentic gauges, switches, and controls precisely matching your equipment.

The LR 2000 is compact and powerful, fitting any space, and readily moved between classrooms. High-definition displays offer a more-than 180º field-of-view, and students use both genuine train hardware controls and a set of virtual controls modeled on one of three touchscreen monitors. Touchscreens emulate your specified in-cab displays and serve as a “fault workstation” where students resolve any of the issues that might arise for an operator, from thrown circuit breakers to debris on the track, door malfunctions, and equipment failures.

FAAC customizes the hardware, software, and simulation scenarios to match both your equipment and the realities faced by your agency. This can include your lines’ virtual alignment and signal switch logic, your regional geography, specific routes and public events, traffic and pedestrian patterns encountered by your operators, weather conditions, and so on. By default, every FAAC light railway solution includes a full set of generic environments, weather conditions, and track types: grades, superelevation, different radius turns and switch locations, etc.

More Effective Light Rail Training Instruction

The technology is only half the solution. Over and over again, our customers find that the real value in an integrated, immersive FAAC simulation training solution is in the opportunities it creates for trainers to pinpoint exactly where their students are succeeding and falling short.

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Light Rail Training Customer-for-Life

FAAC embraces a “Customer for Life” philosophy. We invest the time up front to understand your needs, then develop and deliver the appropriate turn-key solution. We’ll help you find the best way to integrate this custom solution into your training processes, and support you in maintaining and evolving this solution as your needs change over time.

We don’t just sell simulators; we partner with companies, agencies, and their staff and instructors to develop and create their ideal railway simulation and rail operator training solution.


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Better Railway Simulation Tools

FAAC’s TrackProfile Scenario Creation Tool allows instructors to custom build training scenarios with exact faults, routes, weather, preceding trains, and so on. Instructors can take students through a full operating run of signals, switches, faults, and SOPs without having to disrupt an active line. The instructor can move forward in time to place faults and change signals ahead of the student in real-time. This is especially valuable if you’ve noted a possible error in judgment, and want to create a “teachable moment.” Research shows that this level of immediate feedback and customization is vital for effective learning and retention


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