LR 2000
Light Rail Operator Training Simulator

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Photo showing closed cab rail unit and accompanying instructor operator station desk

Product Features

  • 1-for-1 Cab Replica with Authentic Controls
  • Geo-Specific Training Environments
  • Accurately displays operator location, preceding train, signals, signs, stations, switch state, faults, events and current route
  • 4K Visual Displays
  • Student Train Operation Station (STOS) with an operator’s desk controls to operate the train. Depending on training needs, the operator’s desk/control stand can include interchangeable panels for the operation of different types of traction units on the same simulator.
  • The STOS includes two-way communication allowing the student to talk with a role-playing instructor during the training exercises.
  • A Fault Workstation. The fault workstation assists in the training of detection, diagnosis, and rectification of simulator faults.
  • One to four Closed Circuit Television cameras to allow the instructor to monitor the student while operating the simulator. The cameras can be set to view the student, controls, fault workstation or a combination as needed.
  • Variety of training scenarios
  • Managed scoring information
  • A sound system that generates appropriate sounds for the traction unit being simulation—under all operating conditions
  • An Instructor Operator Station
  • An observer station to facilitate associative learning trainees not directly involved in a simulation run.
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Rail Operator Training Exercise

Meet Training Objectives

  • Safe, effective, efficient, objective and consistent training
  • Minimize training on trains
  • Basic, advanced and remedial driver/operator training
  • Rail operations knowledge
  • Safe Train Movement
  • Signal knowledge
  • Student knowledge of rules and regulations
  • Route familiarization
  • Fault isolation, diagnosis, and corrective action
  • Proper radio/intercom communication
  • Maintain schedule
  • Wraparound visibility with computer-generated virtual world includes hazards, other trains, pedestrians and emergency situations to assist the instructor to train forward planning techniques.
  • A fault workstation inside the cab displays faults, door problems, brake issues and electrical irregularities for students to solve
  • In-car and control center communication between student and instructor enables direct reinforcement and role-play exercises
  • A cleverly devised mirror system enables instructors to train students in either one-person train operation mode or standard two-person mode
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  • FAAC creates simulators to meet the training objectives of any organization. Such considerations include the operator driving station, cab environment, controls, visual display requirements, virtual driving environment and any custom software and geo-specific databases.
  • FAAC has converted real locomotive operator compartments into training simulators so that the student is trained in the actual operating environment they will experience in their daily routine.
  • This driving simulator is custom configured to the requirements and training objectives of the customer. The OEM equipment found in the actual vehicle can be made to function to the real-time simulation.
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The LR 2000 light rail simulator is a self-contained fully interactive simulator designed to train and assesses train operators.

LR 2000 Rail Simulator