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Ambulance Driving Simulator

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Replicate the “Real Feel” of Emergency Apparatus Control

This is no video game. FAAC’s interactive simulators feature all the elements of an actual ambulance. Students will experience the challenges of equipment management, with a comprehensive set of realistic vehicle features:

  • Full powertrain simulation, including engine, transmission, and axle ratio
  • Suspension systems that includes shock absorbers, springs, and tire effects
  • Accurate vehicle brakes
  • Faithful replication of steering wheel feel and behaviour
  • Functional and accurately reproduced cab compartment controls

Ambulance simulator training provides students the opportunity to experience the real feel of an emergency vehicle—without the costs or liability of putting them behind the wheel of an on-road apparatus.

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Realistic Visuals and Sounds Enhance the Training Experience

Our visual display and audio systems set the standard for creating a lifelike driving environment. Our ambulance simulators have the widest field of view in the industry, and appropriate vehicle motor and operational sounds. The EV-1000:

  • Coordinates out-the-window visual scenes and vehicle sounds as they relate to driving and student actions
  • Emulates all vehicle dashboard instruments
  • Generates vehicle motor and other operational sounds of an ambulance, including Doppler effect sound motion
  • Radio (intercom) system can be integrated into the driving station to enable two-way communications activity and training for the student driver through interaction with the instructor

Provide your students with a realistic driving experience at a fraction of the cost (and liability) of operating an actual emergency vehicle.

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Aerial view of ambulance driving through suburban neighborhood

Real-Time Simulation Systems Engage and Challenge Students in the Moment

FAAC’s proprietary software system integrates student inputs to create a more realistic training experience. Students will experience real-time responses to their decisions, including speed, road friction, wind, and operator maneuvers.

  • Full immersion through coordinated visual, audio, and motion cues and tactile feedback
  • Senses and responds to student inputs, such as hard braking and oversteering
  • Provides realistic interaction between other driving stations networked in the same training scenario
  • Can interact with other simulators networked into the training scenario

The instant feedback of FAAC’s driving sims allow students to experience the benefits and consequences of their decisions, which will better prepare them for the challenges they will face in the field.

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Set Up EMT Trainees for Success with Interactive Learning Tools

Interactive learning works best when it is most immersive. Placing trainees in sensory-rich virtual worlds for role-playing maximizes engagement. This primes them to reflexively deploy critical-thinking and cooperative problem-solving practices in the field. Training in a comprehensive, realistic virtual environment improves operational preparedness without the dangers, costs, and time associated with traditional, on-the-road training.

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Take the Next Step to Level Up Your EMS Driver Training Program

Every FAAC training solution is custom, but our goal is always the same: to balance your training objectives with your budget and craft the most emotionally realistic, educationally effective solution possible. That’s why we invest time in understanding your needs upfront, then work closely with your team in developing and delivering the appropriate training program.

FAAC embraces a “Customer for Life” philosophy: We don’t just sell equipment; we’ll help you find the best way to integrate this custom solution into your training processes and support you in maintaining and evolving this solution as your needs change over time.

Questions? Contact us today to find out more about how we can partner with you to optimize your training solution.

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EMS Ambulance Driving Simulator

EMS Ambulance Driving Simulator