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Fire Truck Driver Training Simulators

Fire Truck Driving Simulator for Firefighters

We’ve created realistic simulators for a wide range of vehicles, including pumper trucks, tower trucks, tillers, aerial trucks, tractor-drawn ladder trucks, and ambulances. Use of real components and gauges ensures that what the student experiences in our cab is the same thing he or she experiences on the road. The result is that the driver feels confident in operating the vehicle, whether it’s in an emergency situation or simply navigating city traffic. Our high-fidelity simulation equipment recreates the feeling of the drive, so that the firefighter receives training that translates to real-life situations behind the wheel. The instructor can create an engaging scenario for the driver to respond to and identify any areas of fire truck operation that may require additional training – from urgent rescue situations to simply parking the firetruck.

FAAC is dedicated to the highest fidelity in modeling and simulation technology, providing real experience for your drivers/operators in life-like virtual environments.

Understanding your training objectives and budget, FAAC works with you to develop your optimal training solution. Because it is virtually impossible to train the most dangerous aspects of emergency driving, effective and realistic simulator training is critical. From years of working with fire departments and police, FAAC has the expertise and experience to deliver an accurate driving environment to train the most hazardous conditions of driving Fire/EMS apparatus. With the use of high-fidelity fire truck drive simulation, the likelihood of an accident on the way to the scene of a fire can be reduced. FAAC’s solutions aren’t just a simple app, but a comprehensive fire truck training solution that can take the fire truck driver skill set to the next level, to the benefit of both the driver and the city firefighting department they serve.