Guided Weapon Evaluation Facility Cockpit Simulator
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Guided Weapon Evaluation Facility Cockpit Simulation

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Simulator Features

The cockpit system that FAAC has produced is known as the Multi-spectral Man-In-The-Loop (MMITL) Cockpit Simulator Program. The MMITL provides realistic pilot-weapon interface, including the aircrew’s role in target acquisition/tracking and weapon launch/guidance. The MMITL program provides realistic emulation of the aircraft interface from both the aircrew’s and weapon’s perspective. The simulated cockpit interface, based upon an F-15E, supports the function of aircrew weapon employment with adequate representation of other tertiary tasks. The weapon interface robustly imitates the necessary power, analog signals and digital signals as implemented in the actual F-15 weapon interface. The MMITL cockpit simulator provides a meaningful tool to support human factors studies in relationship to weapon employment. This program combines all the facets of FAAC’s extensive simulation background, from the work of the Driving Simulation Systems, to the low cost cockpit flight simulators produced from FAAC’s gaming prospective (Back to Baghdad™) and the lengthy resources from FAAC’s leading military background.

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FAAC has combined off-the-shelf components and designs to produce the GWEF MMITL cockpit simulator.

The core algorithmic software (such as flight and avionics models) has been adapted from our simulator package developed for AFAMS. This is a series of data driven models and algorithms, which provides all the required cockpit related functionality. This will be combined with HUD and radar displays evolving from our ongoing F-15 ZAP program.

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FAAC has integrated this software into a cockpit built by DeskTop Simulators LLC. DeskTop Simulator, LLC. has built over 30 cockpit simulators for a variety of aircraft.

FAAC extended its knowledge base with this new development effort with the interface to the GWEF-supplied weapon system hardware. This interface is a mirror of the actual interface to the weapons GWEF intends to evaluate. Boeing’s Weapon System Integration group provided expertise in the area of the actual aircraft interfaces and support equipment for testing.

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The Guided Weapon Evaluation Facility (GWEF) at Eglin Air Force Base is currently procuring a new cockpit simulator to interface with their test systems. The GWEF provides test support for developing and evaluating precision-guided weapons in simulated “real world” environments. Promising ideas and concepts can be iteratively tested, analyzed and improved in the GWEF as a precursor to initial field/flight testing. Actual operational test anomalies can be investigated and resolved in the GWEF by replicating the test environment (complete controllability and repeatability of simulated test scenario).

Guided Weapon Evaluation Facility Cockpit Simulation