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Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station

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CROWS Features

Deployable. Enables cross-training of additional operators at home station/armories, Annual Training, CTCs or operational deployments.

Small footprint, will fit on a standard desktop found in most office spaces

Quick set-up, closed-case to ready-to-train in less than 30 minutes

Same interfaces, terrain databases, semi-automated forces, and approved gunnery tables as in VCTS

Simulation of day/night; precipitation/dry; varying intensity of wind, rain, snow; surface conditions of dirt, sand, paved, gravel and water.

Immersive training environment including CROWS Graphical User Interface (GUI) display, gunner’s Control Grip (CG)

Supports individual gunner training with scripted vehicle movement or crew training via game-controller enabled vehicle maneuvers to support gunnery tasks

Fully replicates CROWS functionality including day sight, thermal sight, Laser range finder, no-fire zones, and automated tracking of moving threats

Crew and Collective Training

FAAC’s immersive simulator-based crew and collective training solutions provide real-world experiences, honing soldiers’ skills and judgment before they go anywhere near the field of operations. Our mission is to ensure that army personnel, whether a driver or an engineer, have the skills they need to minimize risks. Simulation training programs ensure that the trainee can operate collectively as a crew under any circumstance – whether in combat conditions or simply on patrol.

FAAC’s custom hardware/software simulation solutions allow you to easily create complex real-time scenarios, and for your trainees to experience them in an emotionally vivid way at a low cost and with no risk of injury. We’ve built simulators for a wide range of platforms using real/replica equipment with scenarios to practice everything from basic vehicle and system operation to complex, multi-stage, multiparty training exercises. This collective simulation training for crews provides a high-fidelity training environment for individuals and crews to train in a way that will translate into operational excellence in the field. Move beyond simple traditional training and provide your personnel with an advanced scenario-based training system.

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Learn more about our CROWS Desktop Trainer

The HMDS Desktop Trainer uses the same software and touch screen interface as found on the VCTS and the operational HMDS, therefore, providing a seamless training capability. By design, the HMDS DT is easy to operate by unit personnel. Upon fielding, the BEB Route Clearance platoons will now have the ability to train VMMD operators on proper HMDS employment, operation, and detection of explosive hazards.

Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station (CROWS)