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Simulator Features

The Army, Marine Corps, and National Guard have a wide variety of trucks that require driver training – from HMMWVs up to heavy tank haulers and specialized vehicles such as the Buffalo MRAP. To meet this need, FAAC has designed the ODS with a generic truck cab that can be reconfigured through the use of interchangeable dash kits, controls, and simulated armor panels to provide an accurate representation of the driver’s station. Force feedback steering combined with vehicle dynamics software, replicating each vehicle’s performance characteristics, provides a realistic training experience

ODS training suites are available for the following vehicles:

  • M915 tractor trailer
  • M939 straight truck
  • FMTV
  • PLS
  • HET
  • MTVR (Straight & Up-Armored)
  • HMMWV (Straight & Up-Armored)
  • Cougar Category I MRAP
  • Cougar Category II MRAP
  • Buffalo Category III MRAP
  • Panther MRAP
  • RG-31
  • M-ATV (MRAP-All Terrain Vehicle)
  • Bus
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ODS Crew Training Cab

As an expansion of FAAC’s Operator Driving Simulator (ODS) product line, FAAC has developed a two-position crew training cab; the first variant of which supports the training of a Buffalo driver and co-driver in route clearance tasks. The crew training cab uses ODS interchangeable dash kits for both positions which allows the cab to simulate other wheeled vehicles. In the case of the Buffalo, a three-piece dash set provides the driver with vehicle instruments and controls, to include the control box for the front/rear driving assist cameras and slewable search lights. The co-driver position is provided with high-fidelity controls for the interrogator arm and arm camera control unit with integrated video display. The interrogator arm simulation is provided by FAAC’s subsidiary, Realtime Technologies Inc. (RTI), and features a physics-based model for the arm and objects it interacts with. The result is realistic interactions between the interrogator arm and objects as they are manipulated through pushing, lifting, sliding, tipping, etc… A soil surface scraping model currently simulates soil disturbance; however, FAAC has designs to enhance this capability by providing truly deformable terrain. IED scenarios involving scripted as well as autonomous entities can be developed within FAAC’s geo-typical databases, representative of the Contemporary Operating Environment (COE). The high-fidelity simulation, when combined with the realism of a full crew cab maximizes a Buffalo crew’s ability to train using their actual tactics, techniques and procedures for counter-IED operations. All standard ODS configuration options are available for the crew cab.

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Military Operator Driving Simulator Cab

Mobile 6-DOF Full-Motion Capability

In 2009, FAAC fielded the first 6-DOF full-motion system in a mobile trailer; in all, 13  such systems were delivered. The mobile 6-DOF system was custom designed and fielded in a 53’ double slide-out trailer in support of the U.S. Army Common Driver Trainer – MRAP Program. As with all FAAC mobile simulators, it has the capability of operating on shore power or on-board generator. The custom built trailer is designed to support the CDT concept of swappable cabs, and it includes a dedicated instructor/operator working area that contains the instructor operator station and separate after-action review station.

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FAAC was founded in 1971 specifically to create military weapons simulations for the U.S. armed services.  Since 2002 FAAC’s Operator Driving Simulators (ODS) have been a major contributor to the training of military Motor Transport Operators, setting the standard for real-time military weapons training and assessment. FAAC advancements help trainees learn critical skills safely and affordably.

FAAC embraces a “Customer for Life” philosophy. We invest time in understanding your assets and objectives, work closely with your team to develop and deliver the appropriate simulation solution, and help you find the best way to integrate this custom solution into your training procedures. Most importantly, we support you in maintaining and evolving this solution as your policies, assets, and challenges inevitably change over time.

We don’t sell equipment; we partner with agencies and their instructors to develop their ideal simulation training solution. Our mission is to ensure that operators have the real-life skills they needed to perform at the highest level in the field. This means conducting drills that ensure personnel are trained in operating in every possible field condition – something that is accomplished best through the use of high-fidelity simulation training.

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Crew and Collective Training

FAAC’s immersive simulator-based crew and collective training solutions provide real-world experiences, honing soldiers’ skills and judgment before they go anywhere near the field of operations. Our mission is to ensure that army personnel, whether a driver or an engineer, have the skills they need to minimize risks. Simulation training programs ensure that the trainee can operate collectively as a crew under any circumstance – whether in combat conditions or simply on patrol.

FAAC’s custom hardware/software simulation solutions allow you to easily create complex real-time scenarios, and for your trainees to experience them in an emotionally vivid way at a low cost and with no risk of injury. We’ve built simulators for a wide range of platforms using real/replica equipment with scenarios to practice everything from basic vehicle and system operation to complex, multi-stage, multiparty training exercises. This collective simulation training for crews provides a high-fidelity training environment for individuals and crews to train in a way that will translate into operational excellence in the field. Move beyond simple traditional training and provide your personnel with an advanced scenario-based training system.

ODS systems are capable of being fielded in various configurations

Motion Cuing systems include 6-DOF full-motion platforms and 3-DOF motion seats. Visual solutions are scalable and generally range from 180 to 225 degrees field-of-view. All ODS systems are capable of being installed in a fixed-site facility or self-contained trailers that oftentimes military units can relocate using organic tactical wheeled vehicle assets. The mobile ODS systems are climate controlled and capable of operating on shore power or on-board generator.

FAAC’s ODS features a six-level training curriculum, ranging from Beginner Driver up through Advanced Tactical Driver. The curriculum tracks the driver as he/she progresses in skill level, presenting more difficult scenarios as skill level warrants. Key to the curriculum is the scoring system, which monitors in real time over 50 driving parameters. Whenever a customer-defined threshold is exceeded on any parameter, the instructor is alerted via the instructor operator station (IOS). Demerit points are assigned to the driver’s score as a function of skill level and scenario. If a driver fails a scenario, the curriculum manager recommends to the instructor a remedial scenario for the student. ODS driving scenarios are developed using a variety of visual databases as well as scripted and autonomous entities. All weather conditions and a number of vehicle malfunctions are selectable at the IOS. The significant capabilities already developed for the ODS offer customers a flexible yet economical means of meeting their driver training requirements.

Adequate military simulation requires a higher level of fidelity in order to ensure that skills learned within training systems translate into operations in the field. Whether personnel are training in the use of weapons, aircraft, or land vehicles, FAAC has the technology required to ensure that your training program can live up to the high standards of armed forces or defense industry. FAAC training systems are engineered to create true-to-life simulations that help military personnel develop not only the skills required for their operations, but also the ability to perform with excellence under the pressure of combat scenarios, difficult field conditions, and a variety of other circumstances.

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FAAC’s Operator Driving Simulators (ODS) have been a major contributor to the training of military Motor Transport Operators since the beginning of their fielding with the U.S. Army in 2002.

Military Operator Driving Simulator (ODS)