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Combat Convoy Simulator

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Simulator Features

  • Simulated vehicles: HMMWV and MTVR
  • Instructor/Operator Station with classroom/AAR/mission planning areas to include sand tables
  • Unparalleled realism and high-fidelity vehicle dynamics for believable operational experience
  • Uses Semi-Automated Forces System
  • C-IED Jammer System
  • Binoculars
  • Gateway connectivity to external systems
  • Integrated JBC-P/JV-5 Blue Force Tracker
  • Student Indoor Tracking

Convoy Operations

The CCS provides unit training in convoy operations proficiency for basic and advanced convoy skills in variable terrain, weather, visibility and operational conditions. The CCS incorporates small arms and crew-served weapons to provide a flexible solution that supports the full range of training scenarios and enables rapid integration of lessons learned. CCS training also includes vehicle to vehicle coordination (up to 6), Call for Fire (CFF), and Close Air Support (CAS).

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Crew Training

Crews increase or sustain proficiency by completing exercises requiring the performance of tasks like those encountered in combat.

These tasks must be performed both while the vehicle is fully operational and with instructor-induced malfunctions. CCS training is self-paced and adaptive to the needs and skills of each crew.

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Instructor Operation

CCS Instructor Operator Station (IOS) provides access to all the instructional features of the CCS program and facilitates the instructor/operator with an optimum environment to initialize, monitor, control, and review the exercises. Primary IOS workstation capabilities include initializing the CCS, creating, entering, modifying, copying, storing exercise initialization conditions, and allocating simulation resources such as Student Training Stations (STS), to name a few.

Some of the primary IOS workstation components and associated equipment include:

  • 3D Stealth CGI Monitors
  • EC/SG/RTA (Run-Time Authoring) Monitors
  • AAR Monitors
  • JBC-P/JV-5 Blue Force Tracker
  • Intercom


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Simulated Replica Vehicles

CCS vehicles are realistic simulated replicas of actual M1151 HMMWV and MK23 MTVR with the Marine Armor Protection (MAP) kits used in the conduct of military operations. The vehicle simulators accommodate drivers, passengers, gunners, and students seated in the rear. The vehicles are designed to model the actual vehicle’s behaviors and require the driver to perform all tasks as if he were in the actual vehicle. The CCS vehicles have CREW2 Switch Box integrated into the simulation, simulated AN/VRC-113 Radio’s, operational instrument panels, steering column actuation, braking system, starting system, and JBC-P/JV-5 Blue Force Tracker integration.

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Realistic Simulated Weapons

CCS provides realistic simulated weapons for mounted and dismounted use. The weapons replicate the visual appearance, weight, and balance within 10% of the actual weapons platforms. The force required to operate the simulated weapons’ controls is also equivalent to the real weapons. Each simulated weapon mimics the recoil and ballistics characteristics of the actual weapon and can engage and destroy targets in the CCS simulated combat environment. The CCS weapons also include a simulated MK3 MOD 0 surface projector pen flare that simulates the firing of an MK 80 MOD 2 (red) hand-fired signal.

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Crew and Collective Training

FAAC’s immersive simulator-based crew and collective training solutions provide real-world experiences, honing soldiers’ skills and judgment before they go anywhere near the field of operations. Our mission is to ensure that army personnel, whether a driver or an engineer, have the skills they need to minimize risks. Simulation training programs ensure that the trainee can operate collectively as a crew under any circumstance – whether in combat conditions or simply on patrol.

FAAC’s custom hardware/software simulation solutions allow you to easily create complex real-time scenarios, and for your trainees to experience them in an emotionally vivid way at a low cost and with no risk of injury. We’ve built simulators for a wide range of platforms using real/replica equipment with scenarios to practice everything from basic vehicle and system operation to complex, multi-stage, multiparty training exercises. This collective simulation training for crews provides a high-fidelity training environment for individuals and crews to train in a way that will translate into operational excellence in the field. Move beyond simple traditional training and provide your personnel with an advanced scenario-based training system.

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FAAC provides state-of-the-art simulators to train service members in basic and advanced convoy skills using different terrains and roads in a variety of weather, visibility, and vehicle operational conditions. The weapons used in the CCS training include handheld rifles M16/M4 and crew served weapons M2, M240B, and MK19.

Combat Convoy Simulator (CCS)