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ICE and Lulius Innovation announces Strategic Partnership to enhance Aviation Training Simulations, Sustainment Tracking and Analysis

ICE, the developers of the Tactical Engagement Simulation System (TESS) and Training ASE Stimulation Suite (TASS) for all helicopters in the Army inventory, announces the strategic partnership with Lulius Innovation, creator of the Aviation Status Dashboard (ASD). The partnership is designed to expand the portfolio of both companies and integrate modern technology to all Army components (Army Active Duty, Army National Guard, and Army Reserves).

The systems developed by ICE are predominantly found in the active-duty Army component while ASD is predominantly used by the Army National Guard. The strategic partnership will help cross pollinate all components for both companies. Additionally, the partnership will allow the customers to increase training efficiency, accurately and expeditiously track operations and sustainment data while decreasing Soldier workload. This will ultimately provide cost savings for the military organizations. The development teams from both ICE and Lulius are using modern software technology comparable to the civilian industry to ensure the warfighters are getting the latest technology offered.