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The Training Man-Portable Air Defense System (T-MANPADS) is designed to simulate real world air defense threats against aviation platforms. It is a self-contained, shoulder launched, ground-to-air missile simulator that provides for cooperative engagements between air and ground platforms, while increasing the complexity and fidelity of Opposing Force (OPFOR) air defenses. The simulated threat challenges Aircrews and enables training of tasks associated with penetrating, disintegrating, and exploiting the Anti-Access and Area Denial Air Defense Systems at the Combat Training Centers (CTCs).

Utilizing technology from fielded Ground Threat Emitters (GTEs), the T-MANPADS is an aviation crew trainer for the currently fielded Training Aircraft Survivability Equipment (ASE) Stimulation Suite (TASS). Simulated offensive characteristics are controlled by the TASS Common Threat Database. This air defense training system visually replicates a Threat MANPADS and includes smoke, light, noise, and weapon effects simulation. MILES Laser Detectors make it responsive to direct fire MILES laser engagements. A valid trigger pull resulting in a weapon launch causes a Wescom Defense M176 Surface to Air Weapon Effects Signature Simulator (WESS) cartridge to detonate and provides visual indication to Pilots. Lethality Effect Assessment Routings (LEAR) is indicated visually by the System Kill Indicator (SKI) and audibly with a built-in alarm. Bluetooth connects to a Human Interface Device (HID) display that can overlay aim point and target lock symbology to enable training anytime, anywhere.

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Door Gunner Training Simulator

The Door Gunner Training Simulator integrates a mixed reality visor with an existing M240 ACME simulator with weapon orientation and aircraft state (velocity, pitch, roll, GPS location) to enable UH-60 and CH-47 door gunner training anytime, anywhere. This solution provides live training on an actual aircraft utilizing standard weapon mounts and weapon controls with full force recoil. The helmet-mounted mixed reality visor combines live and virtual training and supports human-in-the-loop training while crew members perform normal procedures in a real environment on an air platform.

The Door Gunner live simulator allows crew members to train against instrumented or virtual targets/threats, and includes the ability to inject real-world faults with constructive training inputs and via pre-planned training scenarios. Gunnery tables can be objectively scored near instantaneously. Multiple training objectives can be accomplished on a single flight, reducing overall cost while improving crew performance and teamwork. Training objectives will be met faster and AARs will have more detail to benefit the Warfighter.

Instrumentation combined with a helmet-mounted mixed reality visor allows virtual tracer rounds to be overlaid in 3D space. When targets and terrain are hit, virtual weapon effects provide immediate feedback to the Door Gunner. All data is correlated with aircraft instrumentation that provides velocity vectors, altitude, and platform orientation.

This application is designed for all use cases from Virtual, Force-on-Force, to ultimately a tactical solution. A Door Gunner uses a standard M240 machine gun as the primary weapon firing from the UH/CH. This approach has application for Future Vertical Lift (FVL) programs such as Future Long Range Assault Aircraft (FLRAA).

ICE is also developing an instrumentation device that records live video, counts trigger pulls, simulates virtual ammunition, provides accurate pointing angles that align with current ballistic models, and improves MILES capabilities by removing the straight line laser.

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